Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Yesterday was a lovely day in Cape May County. It started for me somewhere ar
ound 5:am. This is what I saw from my back deck. I love the trees silhouetted against the dark blue sky. I had been looking for the meteor shower. That never happened, but I was treated to this picture as the sky brightened.

As the day went on, the temperature rose, the sky became a very bright blue, and there was a low bank of the whitest clouds you can imagine. By early afternoon, I just had to take a ride.

First I tried Cape May City, at the end of Beach, where I had a pleasant chat with a tourist who had a delightful brogue. There were bathers on the beach. I sharpened the picture to bring the distant lighthouse into better focus. You can make it out if you click on the picture.

I drove up Sunset Boulevard, and this was the view o
ver South Cape Meadows.

I continued up to the Point. I always seem to end up at the Point. Must try heading in a different directio
n sometimes. Everyone you see at the Point has a smile and usually a few friendly words. The place just seems to put people in a good mood.

While I was there, I noticed a lot of activity in the birdhouses by the parking lot.

Here's another shot, plus a close up whic
h is pretty poor. My only excuse is that I can't see the view in the screen of my digital when there is bright sunlight, and I guess my aim is bad.

Not a particularly exciting day - just a very pleasant one.


Dianne said...

Lovely Day says it all!

pink dogwood said...

I loved your first picture. I woke up at 4:45 this morning and found a similar scene out my bedroom window. I should have captured it on my camera too. Just read your previous post as well - just forget those non-caring pharmacy people. I think first requirement for their position should be 'compassion towards people' - but what can you do. Whenever I encounter such people I silently say to myself - 'they must be having a bad day' and forgive them.

nonizamboni said...

A pleasant day indeed! And the birdhouses were especially interesting. Thanks for sharing the photos and a bit of your day.

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

It sounds like a nice day! That beach looks really beautiful.