Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I'm excited! My new book came today! Well, a "new" used book - and it's in perfect condition. I ordered Pacific Light - a book of photographs by Douglas Steakley, poems by Ric Masten. As I've said before, Monterey County in California is my favorite spot in this world, and this book brings it right here to me.

The Foreword is by Jane Smiley. Her last paragraphs say it for me. Of Ric's poems, she says: "...they remind us that it is possible to live in this world and not destroy it, over-run it, reduce it to a parking lot, but to reside right by the beauty, in balance with it." And then: "Doug's images remind us what the camera is for - to catch time in its passing and give ourselves the opportunity to ponder and experience what we would otherwise overlook. " and finally: "Taken together, they are a wonder."

In Ric's own Preface, he ends with,

of the photographs as poems
the words
merely afterthoughts"

I don't think so, Ric.

I've only explored a little of it so far. Excuse me now, please. Have to go and allow myself to be carried 3000 miles away.


Unknown said...

That Jane Smiley - she's so gifted. The book sounds wonderful and right up your alley. Enjoy!

Your friend,

kenju said...

Don't forget to get carried back here, Bobbie~! Happy Reading!

KG said...

That sounds like such a treat!

(Also, I don't know if you track your blog traffic, but I just realized I've had your blog window open for like 4 hours . . . so don't worry, it was an accident and I'm totally not a stalker!)

Dianne said...

I don't know - tranny head might have some stalker in her, that's what I love about her.

Enjoy being transported. Sounds wonderful.

Minnesotablue said...

Bobbie: Enjoy the book, it sounds wonderful

me ann my camera said...

I like the words,that photographs catch time while passing. I spent some time this morning wandering through trails and paths and at one point stood on a bluff and watched three White-tailed Deer cross the river, one at a time, with care and patience, and the first two waited for the third while it crossed. I like to think my walks have as much patience and timelessness when I wander with my camera, focusing totally on the moment; both my camera and I. Your posts are thought provoking and I enjoy the poetry.