Thursday, June 12, 2008


Do you like that word? Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

Actually, I just had to look it up to prove to myself that it was a real word. I'd never heard it before. The Wheel of Fortune came on TV. (I say it "came on" because it isn't a program that I normally watch.) The puzzle was "Bombastic". Then they asked the player to use it in a sentence, and she made up a sentence that really didn't use it properly. They accepted it anyway, and I, being rather compulsive about such things, had to go look it up to see if there was some kind of definition that would excuse it. The definition for "bombastic" was "grandiloquent". OK.

Enough of this.

I am happy to say that I just ate a sandwich made with lots of lettuce from my own garden. I wish I could say that the V-8 I had with it was squeezed from veggies from my own garden, but that is not to be. But it makes me very happy when I can eat something that I have grown myself. I wish I could grow everything. Remember the Victory Gardens we had during World War II? No, most of you aren't old enough to remember that. We had a big plot, and we ate very well from it.

The first of my wild flowers have put in an appearance too. Forget-me-nots. The rest of them, plus the sunflowers I planted in back of them, are showing great promise. And the tiger lilies are already blooming. I love tigers. They were volunteers - a few tiny plants that sprang up in the grass. I moved them into the garden a few years ago, and they thrived and spread. I now have them in two gardens. I love volunteers. You always know they will do well, because they aren't moved far from where they originated. And they always just seem to fit in.

And now, having ended the whole thing with a preposition, I will end the post. Nothing more to say. Just wanted to keep in touch.


Judy said...

Hi from Kentucky. I was blog hopping and stopped to read yours.
I love wild flowers, gardens and, I, too, run to the computer to look up stuff all the time! Also, I like the banner about our troops.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Okay. What's the deal? Was this an English lesson? Test? Well give me an "F" right now. Now words that begin with "F" are right up my alley. Have a good night. Lisa

Kitty said...

On growing your own, I am currently reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle - Barbara Kingsolver - that I picked up in one of the several independent bookstores in Northampton.
re: tiger lillies, I seem to remember pulling over to the side of the road various times during my childhood to dig up wild tigers. Exactly WHERE did your lillies come from, garden pilfer-er??

Weary Hag said...

Loved the words... and the fact that you used lettuce from your own garden for your sandwich! Yum.

I couldn't have success with a veggie garden if I set them out there full grown in the dirt!!

me ann my camera said...

Words are fun and is one of my favourite stopping off places during the day. A showy word that I use sometimes, just for fun, was one that I had picked up at a teacher's conference many years ago... and you don't have to look far from my pantry's drawers to find it; for its often a gallimaufry there!

Crayons said...

Hi Bobbie
Oh! That presposition jumped out at me before I read anything else. Joking. Like you, I am a lover of words. It's a gift that my dear parents gave to me.

How wonderful to hear that you have lettuce out of your garden. I'm developping a post about community gardens. I'm observing all the gardners in my neighborhood.