Monday, June 30, 2008

Voices In the Attic

I think I may be "going 'round the bend" as they say.

Actually, I'm sure there is a logical explanation, but if there is I haven't discovered it yet.

This is the mystery:

When I sit at my computer desk, I hear voices. Can't make out the words, but there are definitely voices - like a radio perhap
s? The computer desk backs on the wall between my living room and bed room. And when I am in bed at night - yep - I hear voices.

My first thought was that some time ago, someone must have been working in the attic and left a radio turned on up there. (I have never been in the attic in this house, since it is only accessible by ladder.) Understand, I was in bed at the time and half asleep. But even half asleep, I quickly rejected that idea, since I don't believe there's an electrical outlet up there, and a battery would have gone dead long since. Besides, the only one who has been up there in the past eight years has been my son, who installed a ceiling fan for me ages ago. and I haven't heard these voices until fairly recently.

I suppose it really is a radio, and that there's some kind of quirk that brings the sound into my home somehow. I'd love to know how it's happening.

I remember when we lived in North Cape May on a very busy street, back in 1978, we used to get police calls coming through our TV every so often. That was pretty weird. Have
n't run into this sort of phenomenon since then.

These voices really annoy me - mostly because I can't tell what they are saying. I'd really like to be able to identify them.

Hmmmm - I do have satellite dishes on the roof......

And there are lots of others ar

wonder if there have been any UFO sightings lately.


Kathie Brown said...

This really is something. You need some sort of technical whizz to help you figure this one out. I don't think there is anything wrong with your mind. Perhaps the wiring in the walls is picking up a signal? Interesting...Do you use a portable phone or a baby monitor? That will pick up signals from other people's homes or phones.

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

That's really interesting! I wonder what the source is? I think Kathie has some good ideas. I remember back in the late 1960s, people said that tooth fillings could pick up sounds. Well... they were the sixties! ;-)

Dianne said...

I remember getting ambulance calls and the local taxi service on the TV.

I'm sure there's an explanation - all that stuff out there bouncing off of dishes - it's a veritable traffic jam of signals.

kenju said...

I hope you discover the source, Bobbie. That could be really annoying.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hello! Well I started to laugh at the first line. I would say that is is our mutal neighbor and her bow, but they haven't been there.

Sorry I can't be as gracious as Kathie and Lin.


If you ever need to talk to someone, you have my number. I promise I will try not to laugh. Lisa

Judy said...

That is strange. It would drive me nuts! I can remember my mother saying they used to pick up radio waves on the bed springs. Remember the old fashioned ones that were not covered? She said you could hear music playing and it was coming over the bed springs somehow!

bobbie said...

It's 2:30pm and I'm listening to it right now. If I didn't know better I'd SWEAR it was in the attic. No, Lisa, our mutual neighbor isn't home. The one on the other side is, but I don't hear it when I open the doors, front or back, nor even on the way to them. You're right - doo,doo,doo,doo

Bear Naked said...

Oh my!

Would you believe me if I told you that sometimes I can hear something at my house occasionaly?

But I have never mentioned this to anyone until right now because I figured people would think I was crazy.

Maybe it is the satellite dish. I never thought about that.

bobbie said...

When you're 76 years old, half the people think you're crazy anyway, so I figure - What the heck. Might as well give them a laugh.

Kitty said...

Don't tell them that Rita makes every watch she's ever tried to wear go crazy and then stop...Wack jobs run in the family.

KG said...

hehe . . . glad to know I'm not the only one hearing voices! :-)