Tuesday, June 3, 2008


OK. What is it with Tuesdays?

I started out this morning thinking I would do several errands. I was thwarted at every turn. It seems that everything from bakeries, to nurseries, to gift shops (even the Bird Observatory Gift Shop) are all closed on Tuesdays. Are they thinking that they need that day off after four-day-weekends? How many four-day-weekends are there?

I did find, almost by accident, one nursery where I could buy a new hanging basket. And then discovered that they also sell hummingbird feeders. and I did want a second one.

And on the way, I also found that Cape May Point has planted the island dividing the lanes at the beginning of Lighthouse Avenue just off Sunset Boulevard very beautifully. That was a nice discovery.
So I had a pretty ride. Until I was on the way home, and had to stop at the gas station. Half a tank of gas for $38.00! That is sad.
I'm glad I don't find it necessary to drive very much any more. I would like to just drive around as I used to, but it isn't really that necessary. So of course, I don't do it.

Now I'll just have to remember not to try to run errands on Tuesdays.


KG said...

My favorite Indian restaurant is closed on Mondays - and inevitably I forget and of course Monday is ALWAYS the day I decide I need Indian food . . . and then I'm really disappointed!

Ok, that was a big run-on sentence.

Also, I love hanging baskets - especially when they include something that drapes down towards the ground.

Oh, and gas here is around $4.10 a gallon. It's painful!

Minnesotablue said...

I feel your pain with gas prices being so high. I paid fifty dollars for a half tank. We haven't been driving much, doing our errands in one trip.

Dianne said...

Closed on Tuesday!? Never experienced that up here. Actually - up here I'm getting sick of the fact that nothing is ever closed!

Sunday mornings used to be so peaceful - now everything opens at 9 AM

Shelly said...

I had the best errand day that I've had in ages...maybe I stole your errand mo-jo, sorry! My last stop was to get gas, and the station was out of regular...it was so strange. Eight pumps with people circling in frustration reading the "out of order" signs. The whole scene gave me such an odd feeling, I think I need to pump up the tires of my bicycle.

Unknown said...

Beautiful plant, Bobbie. I bought a plant today also. :-)

Anonymous said...

I commiserate with you about the gas prices... just topping off the tank last time, came to $38.00. It's almost on "empty" right now - I can only imagine what tomorrow's total will be!

Love your hanging basket, as well as that island planting. Looks like Tuesday was somewhat uplifting, as far as natural beauty is concerned. .....Deb