Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Out of words - at least momentarily. I'm sure it will pass. At this moment I feel as if I have nothing much to say.

I didn't wake until 7:30 this morning, having slept soundly all night. Very unusual. I'm usually an insomniac. But I didn't hear any rain last night, and yet it obviously rained hard and/or long. I see my neighbor's boyfriend spent the night after being noticeably absent for several days. I didn't hear him arrive. And while I was sleeping, Mr. Obama officially became the Democratic candidate. Yea! That of course was no real surprise, but in these things there is always the possibility that we will be surprised.

That does give me something to talk about.

There were many women rooting for Hillary, who felt passionately that she represented them. They identified with her so strongly that they were saying if she lost out, they would refuse to vote, or would cast their ballot for McCain.

Ladies! Please! Think rationally! You're talking about the future of the country.

I do have strong feelings concerning politics myself. But would I, out of spite, take a position like a kindergartner and say, "If you won't play my way, I'm not playing!"? No! No matter which candidate I wanted to win. How could anyone contemplate giving up their right to vote because they were having a little temper tantrum about the way things went? Or deliberately vote for someone who professes a view directly opposite to theirs?

So long as I started on politics, I guess I should go a step farther and say - I am not Republican nor Democrat. The day 26 years ago, when I went to work for a local municipality where the squabbling between the two parties had reached a ridiculous level, I also went to the Election Board and registered Independent. Have never had reason to regret that. I feel the political scene in our town is a nightmare.

Point of information: Although I refer to it frequently, I do not live in Cape May City - only in Cape May County. There are no less than four municipalities with the words "Cape May" in their titles - and I don't live in any of them.

That being said, I think I will end this weird little post. Perhaps tomorrow I will be able to be more coherent.


KG said...

I feel quite confident that those people who are saying "Well FINE I will vote for McCain or won't vote at all!" will think better of it between now and November. I think they're just mad as hell right now, but will calm down and come around eventually.

Shelly said...

Such strange statements made by intelligent people passionate about politics. I'll never forget Barbara Streisand saying she would move out of the USA if G.W. was elected...hmm....she's still here. G.W. makes me crazy too but I'm not moving to Mexico.

Kathie Brown said...

Bobbie, you are coherent enough for me. Bravo. I am unaffiliated after the last fiasco with Bush and Gore. But, I still vote for whomever I feel is best!

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

I think what you wrote was well put! This is one of the most important elections that we've ever had. Voting is important, even if one feels it's second best. For me, the alternative is scary.

Crayons said...

Hi Bobbie,
I'm an independent too. It shocks many of my so-called progressive Democratic friends. The two parties often seem so much like ... well, Pepsi and Coke. How different are they?

Anonymous said...

Personally I think most politicians are not to be trusted. I suppose there may be a few exceptions but they never get very far with their honesty.

As someone who is amazed at the length of time it takes just to find a candidate in the US, let alone hold an election, I'm pleased Obama looks like becoming the Democratic choice but that's more in hope than expectation. We all know Bush has been a disaster for the entire world and a change is needed.

It looks like Gordon Brown is royally screwing things up over here. This is such a shame after he waited all those years to get the job from Tony Blair! It was great to see the back of Blair and I had high hopes for Brown but I'm really worried that he will blow it so badly that the dreaded Conservative Party will win the next election.

I don't understand your political system. Why do you have to register as anything in particular? Why can't you just go out and vote come November without having stated your position?


Unknown said...

Well, at least you woke up to decent news, albeit predictable news.

I'm on pins and needles about this election. I feel that our nation is so close to the breaking point. Such anxiety in this time of war and economic decline. I worry so.

bobbie said...

Thanks to you all for your comments.

Bear - Your last paragraph expresses my own feelings completely. Why, indeed? And why is the voice of the majority not necessarily the deciding factor?

Having worked with politicians on a local level for 18 years, no, I don't trust them either. I believe Obama is a man of honor - for now. Please, God, he remains one if he does achieve power.

nora leona said...

I'm hoping they found the few crazy people that were mad about how the Democratic primary turned out and interviewed them. I hope they're are not many people who feel that way.
It's been fun to watch!