Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Think Green Thursday #5

In the relatively short time that I have been blogging, I have already used this theme and published this picture twice. So, for the third time, I believe in this and honestly feel that most of the world's problems could be overcome if we all followed these precepts.

Those who peopled our land long before our European ancestors arrived on the scene understood their world and appreciated their obligation to treat it with respect. There are many versions of the Native American Ten Commandments, but each of those versions is basically the same as the others.

I hope that you can read them if you enlarge the picture. The points that I would like to call to your attention are:

The Earth is our Mother, care for her.

All life is sacred, treat all beings with respect.

Take from the Earth what is needed, and nothing more.

Follow the rhythms of Nature...

Enjoy life's journey, but leave no tracks.

We have spent many years ignoring this advice, using and abusing the resources given to us, thoughtlessly discarding our trash, over-fishing, over-hunting, depleting the soil, harvesting the trees, polluting the air and water. Finally we are becoming aware of our folly. We have a huge job ahead of us to repair the damage. Each one of us has to do his own small part.


A Fitness Minute with Pat Anderson said...

You are so right. You can't have healthy food or healthy people without a healthy planet. We all need to be reminded that it is up to us to keep our planet healthy.

Daryl said...

Excellent post .. and a reminder to us all

storyteller said...

Hugs and blessings,