Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have been doing a lot of tooning lately. Mostly I just do it for my own pleasure or entertainment. When you go to toonlet.com and start to create characters and/or strips, your work is seen by everyone else who does it, and they can comment on yours. Their comments are in the form of a toon of their own - either a single panel or a strip. That can really be fun. This is me as a toon.

I started it when I saw the great strips that Daryl does on Tuesdays in her blog, Out and About in New York City.

I've always loved to write things down. If I'm worried about something, or angry, or whatever, it just helps to put it on paper. Oddly enough, I get much the same feeling from tooning. I sometimes make strips of just myself, and trying to condense my feelings into brief statements for each panel, and changing my facial expression using different shapes of eyebrows, mouth, etc., seems to give me satisfaction. Sometimes when I'm done a stip, I copy it for myself, but then delete it from toonlet because I feel it's too personal.

You don't draw these cartoons yourself on toonlet.com. You choose the parts of a character from various packages, and put them together to make someone. You change their expressions and moods as you please. For instance, here's my version of my friend, Lisa. Her normal expression, getting annoyed, starting to get angry, and when she's really had it. Don't know if you can see the cuss words. The background color was a bit too dark here.

Then of course there is the source of her anger - in this case, her boss. (I know how she feels. He used to be my boss.)

Normal (if you can call it that), worried by her reaction, and then just copping out of the whole thing.

I did a strip of myself and an old friend - both of us becoming pretty forgetful in our old age. Click to enlarge.

Hope you enjoyed it.


Dianne said...

wow! Lisa is hot!! LOL
I've never seen a photo of Lisa so that is how I will now picture her

love the toon - now I can't decide if I want to have breakfast or go to the shore

Daryl said...

You are so good at Tooning.. anything that encourages creativity is a good thing!

Deborah Godin said...

I love new words and creatvie words and fun words, so "tooning" is a great addition to my vocabulary! I think it could be real addictive, too!

KG said...

That sounds like fun!

I heard an interview (on our beloved NPR, of course) this past week with 'toonist and children's book author Moe Willems. It was fantastic! He apparently has a big chalk board in his dining room and everybody in the family draws while they eat. This sounds like so much fun I'm really tempted to duplicate ...

Kay said...

This looks like so much fun. I'm glad I'm not the only one being forgetful.

Hey Harriet said...

Haha! I LOVE your strip!!! I've never heard of this before but I'm going to check it out. That looks like so much fun. Thanks heaps for sharing this most interesting sounding site :)

Dawn Fine said...

I adore your cartoons..that one cracked me up!
More cartoons!
more cartoons!
More Cartoons!