Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Is That a Chicken Joke?

I just love the Savage Chicken cartoons. I get one on my computer every day. Doug Savage is just so clever.

Here's another of my favorites.

And yet another.

I also love The Office. I think it's a really great program. Does hit pretty close to home sometimes though.

I think this one is really funny too.

But don't forget, Click and Clack are on tonight at 8:, so you might want to turn on your set. (My personal opinion)
Oh, I hope it's a good show! Tom and Ray are so funny.
I hope As the Wrench Turns is just as good.


8:30pm - Just finished watching the first episode. My reaction: I think Tom and Ray had better stick to their original radio show. I did enjoy their little bit at the end, anti-cell phone while driving.

But wait - there's about to be a second episode.

9:pm - I guess the second was better than the first. (Well, it sort of had to be.)
There may be some hope for the future. Anyone out there watch it? What did you think? I'm not crazy about animated features to begin with, but had hopes because of who it was.


The Cunning Runt said...

Alas, my idiot box sits here, divorced from the world of cables and waves and dishes, and is therefore useful only as a dust magnet; otherwise I'd be glued to it like the rest of the American Idle. It's been that way for a decade now.

My isolation is much for the better.

And thanks for the chicken jokes!

Dianne said...

I love those chickens!

Anonymous said...

Bobbie, with regards to The Office, do you mean the US or the British version? I think the two shows perfectly illustrate how utterly different the humour is in our respective countries. Mrs. Bear and myself were big fans of the British version with Ricky Gervais, which so beautifully blended embarrassment, pathos, tragedy and stupidity but we just don't 'get' the US show. Oh well, vive la difference!

Bear Naked said...

Do you think the first cartoon might have something to do with the *CHANGE?"


bobbie said...

CR = You are probably better off for it.

dianne = Me too!

Bear = I've seen both versions. Like you, I prefer the version from my own country. I do enjoy Brit humor in many of the Britcoms we see, but not particularly in The Office.

ear naked= I guess there could be varying interpretatons.

Anonymous said...

Good post! Thanks for stopping by my place. Good morning from Mississippi, USA. I hope you have a wonderful morning!

Judy said...

The chicken cartoons are just great. I love them.

Anil P said...

What a wonderful insight Savage Chickens have. The realities of life are best illustrated in its absurdities.

Ralph said...

I have never seen the chicken cartoons before - they are great.

Jan said...

I love Savage Chickens, too, and had to post another one today on my blog. Thanks for these to laugh with.

bobbie said...

Jan: You're the only other person I have found that gets Savage Chicken cartoons. Don't know why. I think they're great. Tried going to your Chicken Fat blog, but it's for invited readers only. Enjoy the Chickens!