Thursday, May 7, 2009

Think Green Thursday #3

The Pagan Sphinx, otherwise known as my friend, Gina, started Think Green Thursday, and I'm happy to say, it seems to be catching on. Thinking green has gone from "a nice thing to do" right up to being just about a matter of life and death for our planet.

My friend, Lisa, whom I will probably mention frequently because she is full of very good ideas, suggested to me that I sh0uld mention hanging bird feeders and houses in our yards. This should greatly reduce the need for the use of chemical insecticides. The birds are fun to watch, and they eat all sorts of insects in the area they inhabit.

My own thought for the day is that we should be using more environmentally friendly cleaners for household chores and yard work. Not a whole lot of our local super markets carry any or many of them yet. (They will eventually, if we start demanding them.) But some health food stores carry them, and we can easily find them on line. Many may cost more than we are used to paying. (Costs will come down - again - if use increases.) It's worth it. They can be found by Googling - or my choice would be Scroogling. Go to to avoid some of the pitfalls of Google.

I am NOT giving my recommendation to any of these products. Most of them I have not tried myself, so I can't do that. But to show you just a small sample of what is available, you will find: Absolute Air Cleaners, Blue Wonder, Citrus Magic, Clean Environment Company, Eco-Me, (They donate 3% to charity), Green Nest, Lily's Garden Herbals, Naturally Good.Net,, and there are many, many others.

Some of these products are for infants. Using more natural products for your little ones would certainly be kinder to the babies as well as to the environment.

Why not investigate a few of them? They could help you a great deal, and you will be doing your part to help our planet survive.

The last two photos were from internet ads.

Above are ways to make our world cleaner. How about making our world safer and happier? Please consider joining the Blogblast for Peace this fall.


Unknown said...

This is an awesome post, as always. I've used Citrus Magic but I currently use a brand Sun & Earth. They make dish liquid and dishwasher detergent, laundry, all-purpose cleaner and keep adding new products.

With fondness for information, you're really a natural for this type of meme! No pun intended. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful post for Think Green. Thanks!

Paz said...

thanks for the reminder about this new meme Bobbie. I love being green. In fact it is also one of my favorite colors.
I don't use any toxic chemicals in my home or in my garden. Well, except for bleach though I rarely use it.
I also have a compost in my backyard and recycle as much as possible. I'd like to find a way to stop getting all those flyers in the mail. I never read them & it's such a waste.

Unknown said...

great ideas! thanks for sharing.

Daryl said...

Great ideas/suggestions!

Amanda Guthrie said...

What a great post, thanks for all the tips on places to go and products to check on.

Kay said...

Excellent ideas, Bobbie. We really need to protect our environment more. Some people can be so oblivious to the harm they are doing.

Anonymous said...

This is a great post. I have had to be very careful using cleaners with chemicals and never any pesticides as I have multiple sclerosis and they really bother me..Michelle

Dawn Fine said...

Hi Bobbie,
I try to use environmentally friendly products whenever I can.
Try to bring my own bags to grocery stores..
and try to support local farmers.
I think there is something you might be interested in..
I added the banner to my blog..and knowing the type of person you are I think you might like it too.
here is the link to the site..or you can go to my blog and check out the banner and click on it.

Linda Murphy said...

Great post! I actually make a lot of my own cleaning "recipes" with non-toxic items like baking soda, essential oils, white vinegar, borax. One great book is called "Better Home Basics" and an excellent resource in making environmentally-friendly cleansers.