Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Message for the President

Our dear friend, Gina, placed this video on her blog yesterday, Sept.7th. I want to place it here, and hope that many more of you will place it on your blogs too.

If you call 1-800-578-4171 you will hear a recorded message. I suggest that you write down a brief message first, so you will not fail to get it across. Follow the directions: State your name. Tell where you are from. Leave an email address if you wish. Then give you message. I hope that you will ask the President and Congress to give us National Single Payer Health Care. Everybody In - Nobody Out. - If we don't speak out, nothing will ever happen. There are so many thousands of people without any health care at all today. It is a national disgrace!


Daryl said...

Making the call!

Deborah Godin said...

I have a feeling that Obama will be a one-term President if he doesn't implemlent single-payer health care reform, and possibly he won't be re-elected even if he does. So why not leave a lasting legacy of health care, one that no subsequent administration can dismantle.

Dianne said...

I agree with Deborah

and thanks for all you do Bobbie

I've been e-mailing people all day with a similar message and asking for their help

I don't feel like getting into it on my blog this week, I got several nasty e-mails over my school speech post (which is fine, freedom of speech) but healthcare is very raw for me right now

I have my evaluation Thursday and I'm getting anxious and I am in a foul mood

Kay said...

I'm feeling so discouraged with all the stuff going on in the news. Thank you for giving us a way to do something.

Celeste Maia said...

Your posting comes at a critical moment for health care reform. But the deeper issue you raise is about representative government.

I believe Obama will get health reform through. He has forced the health care industry to make a careful calculation on doing business with a constantly dwindling elite of Americans covered -- and having to charge higher prices for their services -- or moving to a new business model of obligatory health care for everyone, with profits derived from a larger pool of people. Right now, the current system provides health care for 240 million out of the 300+ million US population. But 1000's of people are losing their health care daily. The future is not bright for the health care industry. If they do not opt into a compulsory US system, more and more Americans will travel abroad for their health care.

The cutting edge of Obama's reform is the public option. It is necessary to keep the private sector honest. A lot of dust is being thrown into people's eyes about the public option. It is the single area where the health care industry -- HMO's, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, doctors --disagree with Obama. Because this is the mechanism that will oblige them to control profits -- not costs, but profits.

But the deeper issue is representative government. How many of the representatives and senators who oppose health reform receive contributions from the organizations they are protecting? Where is that information on cable TV? How about a correlation of votes and lobbyist contributions?

The hypocrisy goes deeper. All Representatives and Senators receive their health care through the National Insitutes of Health. Historically NIH is voted more money by Congress than it either requests from the President or the President proposes to Congress. We need fuller disclosure from Congress regarding the contributions congressmen and senators receive and the discrepancy they advocate for ordinary citizens and the beneficence they vote for themselves.

Rambling Woods said...

Sadly...I think Obama is in trouble and it isn't really about health care...I have been writing, but calling will work too....