Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Two Older Grandchildren

I know that I frequently post about my youngest grandchild, Isaac. His mother, my daughter Kitty, keeps me supplied with lots of information and pictures, and I often pass them on to my readers. But I do have two other grandchildren, Lisa and Joey, who live in New York.

When they were small we visited back and forth frequently. Those were the days when I thought nothing of jumping into the car and driving a couple of hundred miles, up the Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike, across Staten Island, over the bridge to The Belt, and on out to Suffolk County on Long Island.

Those days are long gone.

I have rarely seen my older grandchildren for several years now. They are all grown up of course, and go their own way. I love them, and I miss them.

This time of year they both celebrate birthdays - Joey in September and Lisa in October. So in honor of those occasions I decided to do a post - mostly retro.

The first picture is of my mother, shortly before her death, my oldest daughter, Ruth (or Ruby, as Joey called her trying to imitate his father. She's been Ruby ever since.), and Lisa.

Next comes Ruth with Lisa.

Then it's me with both kids. Dear heaven! Did I really look like that?

This one is Joey at the age of two. Could he be cuter?

Ruth again, and me, and of course, the children. Lisa doesn't look too happy to be part of the scene.

Here are the two of them, a bit older.

I think this one was taken on my last visit of many to the Montauk Point Lighthouse. It's one of my favorite spots in the world. The first time I saw it was with my husband, before he became my husband.

And then, they grew up. Here is Joey.

This was taken at their Aunt Kitty's wedding.

This is me with all of my progeny (at that time - Isaac came along later.)

And this is Lisa on her visit to Greece.

So, you see, I do have three beautiful grandchildren, even though I seldom show you pictures of any but the little guy.


Dianne said...

beautiful beautiful family

I know that drive very well

I have family near Riverhead LI
it's quite a trek
I used to do it on Thanksgiving!!

Daryl said...

They sure are beautiful .. and I love how you look in the older pix.. its very like your Toon self .. By the way, my ToonMan was tickled that you replied to his Thank You toon .. he is not happy he cant reply to your reply .. something is wonky on computer and the nice people at Toonlet.com have been trying to help him fix it

Chubby Chieque said...

Isn't that amazing seeing all your grandkids growing?

How I wish I could join mine, one day.

Have a blissful day, Lady.

G. Harrison said...

great family history and photos, bobbie.

yeah, the long drive is bothersome. I wish a train or bus went from door to door. I'd sell birdhouses, save my money, buy a ticket... over and over.


kenju said...

A lovely family, Bobbie. And you looked fine!! It's the big glasses that make us look funny - I wore them too.

It's too bad you don't see those older ones more often. I suspect they will come to regret that after you are gone. I know I did with my grandmother. I also know that as they get older, my grandchildren will not visit as often. It will be my karma for doing that to my grandmother.

Sylvia K said...

Your family is indeed beautiful, Bobbie! I know you miss them. My kids are so scattered over the country that our visits are frequently too few and far between. Although this summer was an exception and I got to enjoy a lot of family time and I treasure the memories.

Have a great day!


me ann my camera said...

What wonderful grandchildren you have! I have 5 and am delighted whenever I get to spend time with them.

dianasfaria.com said...

this is so sweet Bobbie! Thanks for sharing.
It amazes me how you really do look like your toon.

karin said...

so all of a sudden when I'm trying to turn off the computer your comment box appears, not the one where I wanted to comment but the one before it with all the pictures of your grandchildren. Very nice but that's not what I commented on when the modem all of a sudden went kaput. I'm going to bed. It's been a long day and I can't deal with computers anymore today. I really love your pictures though. Thanks for sharing.

Rambling Woods said...

What a lovely post Bobbie. I had a lot more to do with my step-children when they were little but as adults they went their own way and I don't see them often. Nowadays nobody stays in the town they grew up in and we have a hard time getting together... Beautiful family... Michelle