Friday, September 18, 2009

Whirled Peace

September 21st will be the International Day of Peace.

Today I read in our local paper about a project which may appeal to those of you who are teachers or Scout Leaders, as well as to others. It is called Pinwheels for Peace. A local art studio is hosting the construction of pinwheels, which will be displayed in a local park in Cape May - or at the homes of anyone who wishes to make them and display them.

This is NOT political. It does not necessarily deal with the conflict of war. Peace is something that can be found within us all. And it is also peace as opposed to the violence we see on TV, or read about in our newspapers, and which has become almost the norm these days.

There is a website here where you can read all about it, and which provides a template and instructions for pinwheels, along with suggestions and further explanation.

It's pretty short notice. But a nice idea, I think.

Image from the website shown above.


Daryl said...

Sounds like a nice thing to do .. off to read about making my own pinwheel

Rambling Woods said...

I will head over and check it out Bobbie

storyteller said...

Thanks for your reminder and the link. I've participated in years past but have been so busy I might have missed it this year. Love the pinwheel and whirled peace idea!

I appreciate the Health Care link and will follow through on that too.

I enjoyed your sky photos as always and appreciate your visit to mine at Happily Retired Gal this week. Hope you have a lovely weekend ;--)
Hugs and blessings, said...

this is so neat Bobbie. It is so true about violence being considered the norm these days.
& thanks for the health care link as well!

Kay said...

I am definitely all for peace!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have this day marked in my calendar book. I love this idea of the pin wheels.


Dawn Fine said...

What a wonderful Idea!