Friday, March 19, 2010

Feather Stars and Sea Lilies

As you know, one of my favorite sites is that of the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
They have given us a link to what I believe is a very interesting video of underwater sights that I had never heard of before.

If you would be interested in seeing the beautiful feather stars and sea lilies, you will find them at:


Sylvia K said...

That video is awesome! I've never seen anything like them! Thanks for the link, Bobbie! Oh, meant to ask you, did you have a great birthday? Well, at our age they aren't exactly great -- just happy to mark up one more!! Anyway, I do hope you had a good day.


Maia T said...

Thank you Bobby for the link, I am on my way to visit. I am sure it's very interesting.
Have a lovely weekend!

maryt/theteach said...

Happy belated Birthday, bobbie! Thanks for the great link and Happy Spring! :) said...

Bobbie, you always have the best links.
stop by this weekend if you can, I'm celebrating with a giveaway.
Happy Spring!
: )

Dianne said...

I'd love to visit there
the video is beautiful
I love the little coral colored things

I used to take Jeffrey to the Coney Island Aquarium all the time

Shey said...

I've been to the Monterey Bay aquarium and loved it. This video reminded me of happy memories. Thanks.

Rambling Woods said...

Those are amazing. I had never heard of them and over 600 species.. beautiful.... Michelle