Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hot Pink Flamingos

Reading the information offered by the Monterey Bay Aquarium is always interesting and informative, and sometimes very sad. Today I read about Hot Pink Flamingos, the Changing Seas. More about the devastating effects of climate change.

It tells us about the Shishmarel community, native Alaskans, tribes of the Bering Strait, who voted to leave their ancestral island because it was literally dissolving beneath them.

It tells about the Carteret Islanders, who must do the same thing. They are the first climate refugees, but as the article states, they will not be the last. Can you imagine realizing that you have to pack up your things and leave the place where you were born, and your father and his father before you, and go in search of someplace safe to live? Here is a very short little video about these people.

Sun Come Up from Jennifer Redfearn on Vimeo.

Hot Pink Flamingos does list some practical things we can do to make a difference. Nothing new, really. Things we have all heard before, but most of us do not think about often.


Daryl said...

Doesnt matter how often we are reminded .. its always a good thing

Maia T said...

It is so sad to see people in such a painful situation. Nice post Bobbie.

Rambling Woods said...

Now I know I saw this on TV..I can't remember just where, but it is awful and surely these folks didn't contribute to climate change at all. Good green post Bobbie....Michelle

christopher said...

Sad and scary. Good choice of video.