Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Human Nature

I have been reading a blog post of someone who strongly opposed the Health Care Bill. He is a very fine man, and unlike the rabble-rousing, blindly conservative people we hear from all too often, he is an intelligent, thinking person who has looked at the problems and has arrived quite sincerely at a different conclusion than the one I have reached. I am truly sad that he is devastated by the passage of the bill, knowing that I would have exactly that reaction had it not passed. His feelings today are that the majority of the American people were NOT heard and that disaster for our country will surely follow. Just what I would have felt if the situation were reversed.

Only time will tell which of us has drawn the right conclusions. Without a crystal ball, no human on earth ever knows exactly what is the right path - for country, for family, or for personal action. Each of us draws on experience, observation, the teachings of those we believe in, and as much plain common sense as we can muster, and forges ahead, praying that we are doing the right thing.

Sadly, along the way, far too many of us choose to demonize "the other guy" who disagrees with us, hurling epithets and widening the gap between "my way" and "your way".

Why is it so difficult for us to agree to disagree? No one - absolutely NO ONE - is right all of the time. Not about political or social issues. Not even about religious issues - because everyone's interpretations differ. Each one of us has to think long and seriously, and once convinced of the right thing to do, make every effort to follow that path.

My personal feelings concerning this Health Care Bill are that it falls far short of what it should be. That there will be many problems and glitches along the way. But that it was way past time to make a start to do something - almost anything - toward bringing us closer to providing for millions of suffering people in our country. We still have such a long way to go.


Daryl said...

Great post and true .. I think maybe instead of leaving this vote to congress it could have been voted on by the people it affects the most .. you and me .. not senators or representatives who get government paid for healthcare .... and who really are not affected or effected by this bill except that they will likely pay more taxes which honestly they can afford.

Dianne said...

your last paragraph says it all for me Bobbie

as for the rest - you're a kinder, more understanding person than I

I'm sick to death of the Republicans, of the conservative, and most absolutely of the tea baggers

Obama has gone way to far in the name of bi-partionship, to the detriment of his message and promises in my opinion

it would not matter what he said or did

they decided to stand in his way the day he was elected

some of them are just more restrained in how they do it but I truly, deeply feel they are as much a part of the problem as the crazy ones are

Ralph said...

Of course I have no idea who you are referring to in this post but you and I both know we do not see eye to eye on many issues. I’m okay with that and somehow sense you are too. One of the greatest strengths this country has is the freedom of speech. People who do not agree with me do not scare me or frighten me rather they encourage me. They encourage me because they have looked at the issue (whatever it is) and made up their OWN mind. The people that do scare and frighten me are the ones that take at face value what the latest and hottest spokesperson (either liberal or conservative) has to say at face value and as the truth. I also get concerned about the people who never have an opinion about what is going on.
No, you and I don’t agree and most likely on a lot of things will strongly disagree. That’s okay. Your posts are insightful and fun to read - even the ones I don’t agree with. The second paragraph of this post is so true – common sense, forge ahead, and pray.

Anil P said...

To agree without being disagreeable is a lost art in politics these days, and I see ample examples of the same back here, in India, as well.

Eventually I do hope a lot of good will come about in the realm of Healthcare, for like someone once said - Health is Wealth.

Anonymous said...

I happen to agree with you. I hope they will include the Public Option in an upcoming amendment.

Anonymous said...

Good for President Obama - just wish he could take it all further for you. As for disagreements - people should be cool about it. You're right - none of us know for certain what's right and wrong - we just do our best.

Rambling Woods said...

I am so afraid that someone is going to be harmed... calling the President a 'socialist' spitting on a congressman and making slurs... When it is presented as the end of the country as we know..what do they expect...really sad and really scary....

Kathie Brown said...

bobbie, very well said. It cause me much grief to see how people no longer just disagree, they are downright mean, cruel and even violent! I am sure our founding fathers never meant this to happen. One of the representitives in my state who voted for the bill actually had her office vandalized because she voted for it!

christopher said...

Nice post.

The whole dream of America was founded on the principles of freedom of expression and checks and balances on power and ideologies. Disagreements are fundamental and expected.

I am glad that health care reform has passed. But I understand that it may play out to be better or worse than anticipated.

I think much frustration has arisen because too many of our Representatives in Congress have been disingenuous and not in disagreement. Doing nothing for the sake of political strategy and in turn forsaking the welfare of Americans goes against the principles and Articles of the Constitution.

I think doing something was the right thing to do and can always be modified if needed.

Doing something was having the courage to stand up. Doing nothing was being afraid to stand out.

Sorry for the long comment...I suppose you know I follow this stuff as well.