Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thinking Green Thursday

Please visit Michelle at Rambling Woods, as she will be hosting Thinking Green for us, as she does each week.

On Tuesday of this week, I did a post on Mountaintop Mining. A number of us have been talking about this recently, and are very concerned that the authorities have been dragging their feet so long on this vital issue.

Today I only want, once again, to urge everyone in this country to do whatever they feel they can to push for action in this matter. Coal mining has always been a dirty occupation, in more ways than one. If we do not STOP the practice of literally blowing away mountain tops, not only will our lovely mountains disappear, but more and more of our waterways will be polluted, wildlife will continue to be displaced, and human lives will be destroyed. This is such a horrendous practice, my mind simply boggles. I cannot fathom the reasons that it has been permitted to continue for so long.

Please, please, please, go to right now. Read for yourself, watch the videos, and write or call Mr. Obama and your Congressmen.


Rambling Woods said...

Great post..Those videos are heartbreaking. Why doesn't this show up on the national news? It makes me so angry...Michelle

Anonymous said...

I've missed visiting your blog. Lately life keeps getting in the way of my blog reading. Sorry.

For some reason, I thought coal mining no longer occurred. Very interesting post.


Anonymous said...

great that you feel so concerned and even angry over such things! What would be Obama's take on that? Are Presidents ever bothered? I think they are too busy with politics, and indifferent as well, not eco- friendly at all!