Friday, March 19, 2010

Thinking Green Thursday

Thinking Green Thursday is hosted by Michelle, at Rambling Woods. Please join us with your ideas and photos.

Once again, I'm turning to news from Monterey Bay Aquarium's blog, Sea Notes. Not very good news this time. As their headline says, "Once again commerce trumps conservation". The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species has rejected a ban on global trade in bluefin tuna. Countries led by Japan claim that they just can't afford to give up this trade. As a probable result, the tuna may well be driven to extinction. It was pointed out, however, that at least the debate and discussion preceding this action has made the public more aware of the situation, so there may be hope for the future.

The second disappointment concerns the polar bear. The United States had requested prohibition of export of bear skins and parts. This too was defeated. Canada is the only country that allows this, and they protested that their economy would be hurt by banning it, and claimed that hunting of these bears was not endangering the species. Actually they are more endangered by global warming than by hunting.

MBA will continue their research of course, as well as their lead in the fight toward conservation.

Photos from the Sea Notes site.


christopher said...

I like this 'Think Green Thursday' idea. Hopefully next week I can think in time to be prepared.

The logic behind the protests defeating bear skins exports seems paradoxical. The lives of people and wildlife can be 'endangered' by many events beyond an individual's control. But, that doesn't prevent us from making laws that restrict the individual from engaging in dangerous or reckless behavior.

Daryl said...

I like ALL your Think Green posts .. they serve to remind us all its up to each of us to do our part.

Anonymous said...

Sigh....this makes me feel so sad.. thanks for keeping up on the ocean topics..Michelle