Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gaza - Israel

Some of you may have seen this on line. It is just a brief piece about two men and their blogging relationship, and is from NPR.

For Israeli Blogger, Conflict Spurs Mixed Emotions

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All Things Considered, January 6, 2009 · For the past year, two men — one Israeli, one Palestinian — have been blogging about their lives on opposite sides of the Israeli-Gaza border.

Israeli Eric Yellin calls himself Hope Man. The Palestinian, who does not give his real name because of safety concerns, goes by Peace Man.

Yellin, who manages a computer software company in Sderot, Israel, says he heard from his Palestinian friend Tuesday morning for the first time since the weekend.

"I received an SMS (text message) from him after three days," Yellin tells Melissa Block. "Not hearing anything, I was pretty worried because I stopped hearing from him right after the ground incursion by the Israeli forces into Gaza."

Yellin says Peace Man lives in an area of Gaza where there are militants.

"Just recently, he said that if ever this area were attacked, there would be great danger for many people there," he says.

Yellin says his perception of the conflict between the two sides has been shaped by his relationship with Peace Man.

"As soon as I started meeting people — either in person or over the phone or over e-mail — it created a real connection and understanding that on the other side of the border there are people who are exactly like us," he says.

He says Peace Man has told him he feels the same way.

"For him, it was the first time ever to meet an Israeli. For him, they were always the enemy, always the oppressor, and it took a while to create trust even between the two of us," Yellin says. "And I think that over time, we've really become friends, and there is full and complete trust. I trust him with my life and, I think, vice versa." '


I'm sure there will be many such stories. People are the same everywhere. There really isn't any "Them" and "Us". We are all members of the same human race with identical thoughts and feelings and concerns.

Thank God at least they are now saying they will cease fire long enough for some humanitarian aid to get through. I guess world pressure got to them.

PEACE is the only real answer.


Sylvia K said...

I think that is one of the incredible things that blogging can bring about, a chance for people to really get to know others in a way that creates trust, friendship regardless of the situations. This was very moving to read. Thank you for posting it. Now, if we could just get the whole world to start blogging maybe we could out number the power brokers in the world!
Thank you so much for posting this!!

Daryl said...

Thank you for posting this, every so often we all need to be reminded that its not Them vs Us ... we're ALL in this together said...

I totally agree with Sylvia K. Thanks Bobbie for posting on this too.

Kay said...

Oh yes! I do believe that if the whole world were able to blog with each other, there would be a lot fewer wars. The conflict won't leave because people often believe so strongly in their own religion or philosophy or government but perhaps it would stop some wars.

Ralph said...

There will be (probably are right now) many, many stories like that one because of blogging and internet. Some will be told, most not. It is amazing.

Ralph said...

Just scrolled down to get caught up on your posts and saw I missed your Blogiversary - congratulations.

Anonymous said...

This story is very moving. When I think of all the people I now care about because of blogging, people I will never meet in person, yet who are no less meaningful friends to me, it's easy to leap from into thinking about all the other people in the world. Given the chance, I would probably feel the same about them, too. So, even w/o blogging with them, I may as well think kindly towards them.

Marla said...

That is really amazing! It is so cool how people can connect to one another.

Unknown said...

I heard this story on NPR and it gave me hope. I also thought a lot about the power of blogging to bring people together; who would otherwise not have know each other.

Judy said...

Isn't blogging wonderful? What a way to bring people all over the world together. Congratulations, too, on your year of blogging. I am glad that we are blogging friends and I always enjoy your posts.

The Cunning Runt said...

I heard this on NPR, and I thank you for sharing it here.

Blogging is indeed a conversation, and one by which we come to know each other.

Sadly, the Powers That Be don't want that to happen; it's much harder to wage war against people you know, and there's LOTS of money in the War Machine.

So Blog On, my friend. You're a living part of the global peace process, and I'm really proud of you.

Dianne said...

Amen to what CR said! especially about your part in keeping the voices alive Bobbie