Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Wonder Why?

I wonder why the phone may not ring all day, but as soon as I start something that requires all of my attention or have my hands full, someone calls?

I wonder why, when I call the doctor's office at least a half hour after their hours have started, I get their Answering Service?

I wonder why my pen never runs out of ink until I have started to write a check - and usually when I have finished only half of my signature?

I wonder why, as in my previous post, Blogger decides that I should do it in three different type sizes?

I wonder why my head is chock full of trivia, but I cannot recall things that are really important to me?

I wonder why my neighbor's cats lie on my deck or my front step and refuse to move when I approach and try to get into my house, but if they are looking cute and I pick up my camera, they immediately run off?

I wonder why I always look my best and my healthiest when I feel my absolute worst?

I wonder why, although I rarely go out without my camera, any time that I do leave it at home, a marvelous photo op presents itself?

I wonder why, if something happens to my internet connection and a window pops up to tell me what to do about it, that window disappears before I could possibly have time to read all of the instructions? For that matter, even when those pop up windows appear with only a sentence of few words, they pop up and disappear in a few seconds. I never do have time to read them.

I wonder why, when I lose something (like my keys), I can look in the same place twenty times without finding what I'm looking for, and later find it exactly where I have already looked?


Dawn Fine said...

Lol..very cute!

Sylvia K said...

Oh, I love these! And I find myself asking the same ones -- over and over and over. Does it have something to do with age? Oh, surely not, I've been asking the same questions for years -- but then I've been old for years! Hmmmm

Kay said...

Oh, me too, me too! I'd like to add:
I wonder why KC (my 2 year old granddaughter) can be perfectly happy playing with something by herself but as soon as I'm on the phone, needs to climb all over me and demand my attention.

Unknown said...

hehehhe. I know just what you mean. Very clever post.

It's snowing on your blog and in real life outside. We had a snow day today.

Anonymous said...

It's that pesky Mr Murphy and his laws! said...

Bobbie, isn't this the way it always seems to happen? Some days it's like there is a whole string of these events one after another.
You made me smile Bobbie, thanks.

blah said...

so well written. sounds like andy rooney.

KG said...

This is like my "WTF Wednesday" post - except sounds a lot less vulgar. I love it!