Monday, May 31, 2010

About Hummers

I've been checking out the hummingbird site (see sidebar). The "Photos and Videos" link at the top is fun. Today I watched a video from last January of Phoebe actually laying her eggs. It was taken at 6:44 AM. Still rather dark. But you can see her clearly enough. I find it so amazing that this takes place in a nest about the size of a golf ball. When the chicks begin to grow, two of them are really crowded in the tiny nest.

Singing Bear
asked me about the fact that there is the sound of running water in the background today. I can't imagine why, but it is there. Wasn't there yesterday. The nest is located in California, so will be blacked out depending on your time zone, early in the morning.

I hope many of you enjoy watching this as much as I do.


me ann my camera said...

the hummingbird on its nest is pretty special to watch. I would love to find a hummingbird nest. I saw one once that a fried had. It didn't look much bigger than a walnut!

Rambling Woods said...

I stopped watching her nest..too hard to watch...