Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

I remember well the days of the Second World War. I was very young, and did not fully realize all that it meant. I remember the rationing and the black out curtains on our windows, the war bonds and savings stamps. I remember my brother in his uniform and his friends in theirs. I remember the newsreels shown before the Saturday matinee, and everyone standing up in the theater, singing the National Anthem as loudly and enthusiastically as we could, hands over hearts. To a child my age it was all very exciting. I remember the V-mail letters we sent off, and the strange censored ones we received in return.

But I also remember the little flag we hung in the front window. Thankfully, our little flag always held a blue star in the center.

But as the war stretched on, we saw more and more of those little flags with gold stars.

And then came Vietnam, and Korea, and the Gulf, and Iraq, and Afghanistan ......
Will it ever end?


Sylvia K said...

I remember those days very well and did write a post about the pilots and their wives that lived with us all during the war. And we were sure that it would never happen again. And, yes, when does it end??? Unfortunately, if many of the politicians have their way, I suspect we will always be at war with someone who has something they think we should have.

Enjoy your day, Bobbie!

Sylvia said...

It's so sad that people still continue to lose their lives fighting in Wars.

Rambling Woods said...

I don't think we have learned our lessons..I wonder if more women were in charge, would things be better. Less violence...but of course in some countries woman have no rights..