Thursday, May 20, 2010

Colors of Spring

At last - a few sunny days, and some color appearing on my doorstep.

The miniature roses that Lisa gave me a couple of years ago.

The hanging basket.

The pansies I received at Easter are blooming beautifully now.

A tiny birdbath from Mothers' Day.

Soon there will be nasturtiums.

My little snow peas - my concession to a vegetable garden this year.

Below the steps is a pot of lovely mint. Smells so wonderful!


And in the back, just a little phlox from last year is blooming.

I know the rest will be along soon. It just seemed such a long time waiting.

I have a few more things coming, and of course the long garden full of cosmos are growing very fast. I've even seen a few butterflies.


Dianne said...

I really love the pansies
the colors are so wonderful

Linda Murphy said...

The colors are so vivid and they just make you feel so happy and ready to be outside. I bet the butterflies will be stopping by often.

Hope all is well! School is almost done, so I hope to be stopping by to read more often!

Daryl said...

Lovely and the mint not only smells nice it (I am told)helps keep bugs away ...

Rambling Woods said...

Beautiful plants and nice that warmer weather is here...