Thursday, May 20, 2010

More About Chocolate

When I posted earlier about chocolate, and specifically about Hershey, I had sent an email to Hershey asking why they did not participate in Fair Trade. I have received a lengthy email in return, from their Consumer Affairs Department.

In all fairness, I feel I should tell you that they told me that they are "...committed to ensuring that cocoa is grown responsibly." They went on to list programs in which they participate or fund, which strive toward this goal. And they referred me to their site:
It is impressive.

However, no mention was made at all of Fair Trade. It puzzles me that despite all they have told me, organizations like Green America, and others are still telling us that Hershey refuses to consider Fair Trade, and continues to buy from those using slave labor. These are reputable organizations working to eliminate such conditions. Someone is not giving us the full truth in this matter. Check it out for yourselves and draw your own conclusions.


Daryl said...

Go get'em!

Sylvia K said...

Ditto Daryl! Glad I don't eat chocolate anymore at all. And I don't trust any company the size of Hershey to give a rat's ankle about what kind of labor is used when it comes to getting what they want at a price that they're happy with. Have a great day, Bobbie! No chocolate, of course!!


Rambling Woods said...

There needs to be real universal standards for this and pressure on the big companies to follow it. I love that you did some detective work Bobbie...Michelle