Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Waiting Rooms

There are many kinds of waiting rooms. Some are filled with anticipation and excitement. Some are sad and lonely rooms filled with our greatest fears and anxiety.

Those I spend most of my time in these days are just doctors' waiting rooms where I am waiting to make a scheduled visit every few months. So many of them! This kind of wait can be boring, or can be fun. I never know who will be there ahead of me or how long a time I will be there. I really enjoy some of them. Great conversations sometimes with strangers.

One I visited this week was empty when I got there. I didn't have to wait very long. There was a brief chat with the woman behind the window. She's a very pleasant person to chat with. And I always get a kick out of the childish pictures tacked to the door. I asked the doctor about them long ago. It seems that one of his daughters had decided to add to the decor one day. Obviously, she was quite small at the time. She is now attending college, but he said that so many people seemed to enjoy them, he just never took them down. I like that. There is also a series of colored paper leaves on the window, probably from the same source. I like the doctor too. He also is very pleasant to chat with, and very conversational, unlike some others who almost make me feel that I am imposing just by being there.

I also enjoy my visits to my family doctor. She and her nurse and receptionist are all such nice people. I look forward to those visits.

I do remember one waiting room where the staff was almost ready to throw us out. It was in the hospital where I was to have cancer surgery. They weren't really ready for me when we got there, so we had a little wait. It was fairly small for a waiting room, and we were the only ones there - all of my children and myself. It may have been started by tension and worry on their part I suppose - but before long we were all kidding around and laughing. A nurse came in to find out what all the noise and merriment was about. She looked rather incredulous. That was a really nice hospital stay too. And I HATE hospitals. But there were no beds on the floor where I should have been, so they put me into a private room on Pediatrics. At Shore Memorial, the hallways on the Pediatrics floor are painted like the boardwalk - with all the colorful shops along one side, and the beach and ocean on the other. Each room has a bright, cheerful decorative theme and the nurses' station has a huge tropical fish aquarium. Of course, the nurses on that floor are exceptionally kind and cheerful. It was great!

My wish for all of you would be that, if you ever find you must be hospitalized, you find just such a pleasant place for it.


christopher said...

Ah...the waiting room. If I have to wait in a doctor's office, I prefer the large common waiting room. In the common area I can watch TV. In the examination room (second waiting area) all I can do is talk to myself and read boring charts until the doctor finally arrives.

Anonymous said...

Thnaks for this, Bobbie. I, too, spend far too much time in hospital or doctors' waiting rooms. Mostly, I just find the whole experience too full of tension to get much out of. I'll try looking for the good there. British hospitals are usually very clinical places, with little thought put into making them particularly pleasant places to be. They do try but I think that if they took a more holistic approach to their care, they may have even greater success with people. I must say, though, that I have been fortunate to have been looked after by some great people, so I shouldn't complain.

Daryl said...

My former doctor had an overheated waiting room and he was always running 30 min behind ... that is why he is now my ex-doc .. the new doc has never kept me waiting .. her waiting room is big, airy w/lots of windows .. did I mention no waiting?

Rambling Woods said...

Oh I can relate..I have to see my neurologist and immunologist often and I try to make the best of it, but both are located in the hospital which makes it more of a challenge. I have had good experiences as an in-patient and a couple of horrific ones. You really need a good health care advocate to ask questions when you aren't able too..My hubby is not good at that so I have asked my best friend to do it....Michelle

Dianne said...

I like waiting rooms that have personal stuff around, like your doctor's daughter's drawings