Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Couldn't resist. Dianne inspired me with her Project Green butterflies yesterday. I had to dig out a few of my butterfly pictures. I just love butterflies! When I was younger and faster on the draw, I was able to capture some of them on film. (Yes, we used film in those days.) So here are a few.

The first is a dia
na that I spotted in Leaming's Run Gardens.

Then there is a longtailed skipper (and friend) that was sitting on a zinnia over at the Wetlands I

The little cabbage white was flitting around
near Hereford Inlet Lighthouse.

I'm not sure what this one is. But isn't it pretty?

And the next one is a painted lady.

The tiger swallowtail is one of my favorites.
Have you ever seen Monarchs, exhausted from their migration, sleeping on a tree limb? These are not leaves, they are sleeping butterflies.And of course, the monarchs, by day.

They are all so beautiful! I have dozens of pictures. But there is no such thing as a picture that can truly capture the thrill it gives me to watch the flying flowers.


Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Your pictures are wonderful and I so agree with you about butterflies. I keep watching for the first one of the season. They really are so pretty when they land on a colorful flower.

Shelly said...

So beautiful Bobbie. There is a wonderful place I like to go in the spring that is thick with Tigers, I've had them land on my hand and stay for a good long while. Happiness!

pink dogwood said...

I am amazed by the picture of the butterflies sleeping - have never seen that before. Great post :)

Unknown said...

You know your butterflies! These are amazing.

You must be a very organized person. I have too many things in my life that should be cataloged and instead are hiding in various boxes, envelopes and drawers. ::::sigh:::::

Is there any type of butterfly conservatory near you?

I don't know if there are a lot of them but we have a nice one here in Deerfield, MA called Magic Wings. If you or any of your family are ever in this end of MA,it's a highly recommended visit.

Peace to you, my friend

Anonymous said...

Hello! Beautiful pictures.

I see that we were playing again. I love Percy the pig with his apple and spritz bottle. And Horace the horse with his apple's and brush. Could resist. I had to play with them. Lisa

bobbie said...

I really wish we had a conservatory nearby. No such luck. There are small butterfly gardens in a couple of places. Leaming's Run and Hereford Inlet are my favorite spots for finding them. And believe it or not, cemeteries are favorite spots for the butterflies. I went on a butterfly count one year, tramping through woods and fields.

Dianne said...

I love all your butterfly photos bobbie! thanks for finding them and sharing.

I can't believe those are sleeping butters and not leaves. isn't nature just wonderful.

Mark Prime (tpm/Confession Zero) said...

Wow. Thank you for sharing. Monarchs are incredible, the non-human kind of course.

Jo said...

Those are beautiful photos--I'm dazzled by the sleeping monarchs! And I love the way you describe them as flying flowers. I adore poppies specifically b/c their petals remind me of butterfly wings.