Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Poetry Month is drawing to a close. I haven't really posted many of my favorites, and there are so many. Now that the month is closing, I am thinking of about a dozen I'd like to cover. Too late

Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) is one of my favorites, and another that I'm going way back to remember. Now that I've settled on him, I have to decide which poem to choose. Again - there are just so many. The only way I can decide is to choose a favorite topic as well.


The sea is never still.

It pounds on the shore
Restless as a young heart,

The sea speaks
And only the stormy hearts
Know what it says.
It is the face of a rough mother speaking.

The sea is young.
One storm cleans all the hoar
And loosens the age of it.
I hear it laughing, reckless.

They love the sea,
Men who ride on it

And know they will die
Under the salt of it.

Let only the young come,
Says the sea.

Let them kiss my face
And hear me.
I am the last word
And I tell
Where storms and stars come from.

The sea picture is not mine. It is from Webshots.com.

Another of his verses can be read if you click on his picture.


Sandpiper (Lin) said...

This is wonderful! I think Robert Frost may be my favorite, but Carl Sandburg is a close second.

kenju said...

I am familiar with a few of his poems from school, but not this one. It is very powerful.

Dianne said...

I had never read this one before either, thank you!

You could post your favorite poems whenever you like, we all enjoy them. The calendar is just an artifical time marking device :)

pink dogwood said...

Yes, I agree with Dianne - sprinkle your posts with poems every now and then since you pick such good ones.

Unknown said...

Love Carl Sandburg. Thank you and I hope you are well.


Crayons said...

Hi Bobbie

I'd never read this one by Robert Frost. It reminded me that my dear parents went to hear Robert Frost speak in Boston in about 1950. My mom especially was entranced. I often think of Frost as a long-gone classic, but he is within arm's reach.

I would like to read some of your favorite poems, especially if you write a bit about why you like them.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read Sandburg before. This is wonderfu. I will read more.

By the way, Bobbie, don't worry about it not being Poetry Month any longer, just keep posting some of your favourites...please!

bobbie said...

Much of Sandburg's poetry is not pretty. It is very strong and often harsh.

I can't remember now which one it is, but I keep thinking of the one in which a child asks her father, "What is the moon supposed to advertise?"

Kathie Brown said...

I don't believe I have read much Carl Sandburg. I'll have to check him out. What beautiful lines. Please don't stop with the poetry even though Poetry month is over. I love to read it!