Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Help Obama to Keep His Promises

Our President-Elect will face formidable challenges not to bow to pressure from lobbyists from oil companies, war contractors , and many others. He has made many promises to us during his campaign. We can help him to keep those promises. We turned out in record numbers to get out the vote and put him into office. Can we now turn out in those numbers to let him know that we support him, and are anxious to see him keep those promises?

You have seen the AVAAZ badge on my sidebar, and on many other blogs. The word " AVAAZ" means " VOICE" in many languages. If you click on my badge you can read about this organization. They have asked that we send our letters to be placed on a wall near the White House, reminding Barack Obama of his promises, and assuring him that we are behind him. They make it very easy. - One click will do it. Just go here.

Please consider doing this today.


Webradio said...

Help USA !

Daryl said...

Excellent post!

Cliff said...

Just a note. The turn out was not as big as 2004.
Come to find out the conservatives were the ones who didn't turn out this time.
But I'm hopeful they'll be back in full force in two years. I will predict that they will be, if the 'pendulum' is swung way too far to the left. Past history shows the pendulum will always react to big swings with another big swing.
I said my piece over at your friend Lisa's place. So enough of that.
Now we sit back and see just who it is we have elected. So far we don't know much about him.

bobbie said...

Everything you've said here is right, Cliff. Avaaz is aware of this too, and we also know that the old saying "Power corrupts" is true. Obama is just a human being. He seems to have his head on straight. But it's up to us to keep it that way. It's always up to the people to keep the pressure on any elected official to walk the straight and narrow. Occasionally, it succeeds, if he's a good guy to begin with.