Saturday, November 8, 2008


Apparently I have a problem I didn't know about. What do you see on my sidebar, right under the Avaaz badge?

My friend, Lisa, called this morning to ask me why there are the words "Translate to Your Language" and then a little "Personality Pup" widget.

My answer is that I have NO Personality Pup there. I have 8 little flags which you can click on to change my posts to the language appropriate to that country's flag. When I go to my blog that's what I see, and the translator works. There is no pup.

What do you see?

I will have to try to contact the widget people to straighten this out.

The counter below this, with all the flags, has nothing to do with the translation thing.


Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

So now I went back to your blog and the little flags are there. Very weird. Last night and this morning there was a little personality pup there. I was playing with him. Feeding him bones and playing ball with him. He even barked. Oh well. Lisa

Marla said...

I like your photo's of the lounging lizards. When I look at your blog, I see the exact same things that you do! Your not crazy and that's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

No flags, just a pup to me, too Bobbie.

Bear Naked said...

I see exactly what you see Bobbie.
No little puppy in sight.

Bear((( )))

Webradio said...

It's OK for me...