Sunday, December 28, 2008

Breather Between Holidays

I guess you could call it a breather. I still feel as if I'm going...going...going...

Hope everyone of you had as wonderful a holiday as I had. Those who celebrate Kwanzaa are still going with it. The rest of
us are trying to sit back and gather our strength for the next one I suppose.

Santa was good to me. He even put a wonderful Air Lingus plane in my stocking. He always remembers to put a plane of some kind in my stocking. He knows I love to fly. This one lights up and makes the sound of a take-off. Well - we must have our toys at Christmas.

Among my other gifts was a beautiful new hummingbird feeder for next spring. I never had one like this before. I'll be interested to see which feeder they are attracted to.

Of course, we have pictures fro
m California, where Isaac was visited by St. Nick as well. I think Mom and Dad were a little pleased that the Postal Service did not manage to get all the east coast gifts from various aunts and uncles to him in time. He had plenty without them, and it gives a little breather before the arrival of a new batch of toys . Some did arrive in time. (Mine did!) But Santa also brought him a track and toy cars and trucks, and a big wheel and a number of other things.

I had to laugh at this one though. This is his dad, happily playing with the tiny dog I had sent his son.

They did not spend all of their time at home. They took advantage of some sunshine between rain storms - Yes, even in usually sunny Monterey - and went over to Pacific Grove for some fresh air. Isaac spent some time on the beach.

And some time just sitting in a tree, enjoying Monterey Bay.

Meanwhile, back at my son's house critters were part of the festivities as well as people. This pair would be Leo (cat) and Eli (dog). They get along pretty well most of the time.

But they are not alone. There is also Murph, seen here with a small child.

Murph does not confine h
imself to visiting toddlers. He likes to climb over adults as well. Ruth normally looks much prettier than this. She was in the midst of a story about yet another cat, illustrating its expression of...what, I'm not quite sure, when Murph decided to pay her a visit, resulting in what I find to be the amusing picture of the week.

Say, remem
ber when I showed you my "Dr. Seuss plant"? It was my mandevilla, brought in out of the cold, which decided to go crazy in my living room. Then I was crazy enough to decorate it for Christmas. Twelve days ago, on the 16th, it looked like this.

Now it looks like this.

Here's a close up of its curly top .

What do you think? Will it eventually take over the living room? Will the new year find me hacking my way out with a machete? Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion to this adventure.


kenju said...

That mandevilla will eventually need a support or its top will flop!! Can you put some string for it to climb on?

I love that photo of your grandson staring out at the beach!!

Dianne said...

Murph is a big guy!!

great pics - Isaac is so handsome and looks so tiny amidst all those gifts

bobbie said...

Yes, of course I will support the plant. It moves itself over to the window in the other direction, and I will probably let it follow the curtain rod when it is just a little longer.

Murph and Leo are my son's cats. Eli is just a visitor.

Sylvia K said...

Haven't been on my computer as much lately due to the problems, can't wait for Wednesday to arrive bringing the computer gal. So, I missed this one yesterday and I love it! the stories of you and your family's Christmas! such fun! Isaac is indeed handsome and I, too, like the photo of him staring out at the beach and the picture of your son and the toy! Hope you have a lovely New Years and hope we can finally move past Busho -- 21 days!!

Unknown said...

That is the coolest plant I've ever seen! It does deserve pampering!

Isaac is getting big. He looks so contented to be playing on the beach with his new digger. What a cutie-pie.

And Murph. He is some cat! My Timmy got to be that big but he was white with gray. A real charmer. If I met Murph, I'd instantly fall in love.

This was a fun post, Bobbie. It was great to hear about your holidays!


Daryl said...

What fun .. I love Ruth's expression, I hope her drink didnt spill

Michele said...

I am happy you had a wonderful holiday.
We had a good one as well, nice and quiet, and a huge turkey dinner that my hubby cooked for the two of us. Lots of leftovers, he adores them!
I love the photo series you have, all very delightful!
I hope you have a wonderful New Year!!
Mountain Retreat-Canada TN said...

Bobbie, your plant looks like a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Did you put lights on it? It's getting top heavy....I wonder how far it will go before it falls over. Loved your Christmas pictures.

Lisa said...

LOL. If we don't hear from you for a few days, we'll send in the rescue team. Just keep your machete handy. :)
Great pics Bobbie. Looks like a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

Such nice family shots of Christmas! And being a lifelone interior (as opposted to coastal) person, I can't imagine going to the beach in "winter"!!

Dawn Fine said...

It was nice meeting some of your family in this blog post. Happy Holidays to you!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful Christmas, glad everyone had a good time.

KG said...

Christmas is so much fun with kids, isn't it? I know I spent lots of time playing with my ... er ... my son's toys. And I'm a little intimidated by that plant. It's out of control!