Friday, December 19, 2008


This summer I enjoyed the mandevilla, which bloomed cheerfully under the hummingbird feeder. When cold weather set in, I decided I would bring it inside and try to overwinter it. As soon as it was established in my living room, it decided to take off for the ceiling. Strangest thing you ever saw. I now call it my Dr. Seuss plant.

I don't really want this weird looking plant in my living room. And yet, I would love to try keeping it through the winter and see if I could coax it to bloom again next spring. There is no other place for it in this tiny house except the back bedroom, which I do not heat unless someone comes to sleep over. Nothing
lives there if left during the winter months, much less a tropical plant.

I looked at this silly plant the other day and said, what the heck - I'll decorate it for Christmas. Here it is: My Dr. Seuss Plant.

None of that tall, curly, green part existed before it came inside. I think it may reach the ceiling very, very soon, unless it decides to suddenly sag and sweep the floor. There are two more shoots now, each about 5" tall. Who knows what path they will decide to take.


Since I took the picture, 3 days ago, it is a few inches above the top of the wi
ndow, and those shoots I spoke of are now 6" at least.


kenju said...

It looks healthy enough, Bobbie. It must like where it sits!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, if we suddenly stop hearing from you in a day or two, I'm calling the Fire Department or the National Guard!!

bobbie said...

Deborah, I love this! I'll have to set up an SOS system with my friend, Lisa. But she might just see its tentacles creeping out the window.

Kathie Brown said...

Very, very creative! Good for you! I just hope it doesn't decide to take over the room and kick you out!