Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thematic Photographic 27

Carmi Levy, at Written Inc., hosts a meme called Thematic Photographic. It has a weekly theme for which participants may submit photographs - as many as they like, over a week's time. This week the theme is Shadow.

I am fascinated by shadows. I also participate in Shadow Shot Sunday, so this theme caught my attention, and I decided to give it a try.

I have taken many pictures of the Shellbay Avenue pier, near my home. The sun creates many wonderful shadows criss crossing the boards. But it also creates deep shadows in the water under the pier. That is my photo for today.

I was going to save another for another day, but I believe I will put it on here. This one is of the phragmites that grow everywhere in our area. I love the shadows cast by them on the road, as well as those that play among them.


Daryl said...

Love these .. especially the shadows of the pier and the angles .. well done!


Mojo said...

Love the shot of the pier. I have a weakness for such things anyway, and considered using one of my shots of the fishing pier at Atlantic Beach for this week. But the shots I had available really didn't have the kind of shadow I was looking for.

Glad yours did! It's inspired me actually... I'm thinking it might be worth going back through the stuff that didn't initially make it out of editing from that trip and see if I have a usable shadow-on-water shot.

Unknown said...

I like both of these. The pier shadows are very cool, though.

Marla said...

I have visited Carmi's blog a few times. He has some very interesting posts!

Dianne said...

maybe I'll check this theme out!

I love both the shots - I too have a thing for shadows

Pamela said...

Isn't it great how something like this makes us look deeper into the things we see every day.

Maria's Space said...

Great shadow on the pier. Love all the detail.