Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Two Awards

As 2008 ends, I have received two awards. The first is the Tree of Happiness, which I received from my dear friend Gina, otherwise known as The Pagan Sphinx.

I was so pleased to receive this award. As I told Gina, I love trees. Trees make me happy. The rules require you to list six things that make you happy. That is very easy. I can name a lot more than six.

1. well - Trees. And the smell of Spring, and sunshine and a soft breeze.

2. Crocuses. Because they are the very first sign of Spring, even before the season starts. After the long, cold winter, when we are despairing of ever seeing Spring again.

3. Goslings and ducklings. They usually appear around Mothers' Day. So sweet.

4. Puppies. Or to be more precise, the feeling of their soft little bodies as they squirm in your hands and nip at you. They always give me a thrill.

5. Slipping into a warm bed on a cold winter night. So luxurious!

6. Laughter. Especially the laughter of children. But anyone really enjoying life.

7. There has to be #7. The memory of my husband. Specifically, he liked to walk, and almost always had himself dropped off after work several blocks from home. On nice days I would often walk up to meet him halfway, with our youngest. We would see one another coming, and his face would light up with that beautiful smile as Kitty would run ahead toward him. Remembering that smile makes me happy.

This is a fun one! Everyone who reads this should award themselves the Tree of Happiness, and write down at least six things that make them happy. But I am going to send it to my daughter of Fetal Positions, because she loves trees so much too. and to Lisa of Ramblings of a Villas Girl, just because.

Thank you so much, Gina! Thinking of things that make me happy, makes me happy!


Daryl said...

Lovely .. and deserved!


Unknown said...

I really enjoyed reading this, Bobbie. Especially your memory of meeting your husband on his walk home from work.

There is also much I can identify with you on regarding religion.

I'm so glad to know you and call you my friend.

Happy new year and many blessings to you and your children and grandchildren.


Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi! Thank you for this award. It is special. 2009 will be the year of happiness. Lisa