Sunday, January 4, 2009

This and That

Just to keep you posted, my crazy Dr. Seuss plant has now officially reached the ceiling. Just thought you might like to know.

I've come across another rather interesting phenomenon. It seems that a number of people decided during the recent holiday
season to celebrate by adding moose antlers to their automobiles. You may be able to spot them on this car I saw on the Parkway the other day. Reports are that antlered vehicles have been sighted as far away as California.

Hey! I just got a comment on this from Dawn, who gave me this:

Pretty darned cute! Thanks, Dawn!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (so to speak) my current petty peeve is: Why is it that every so often I go to my Dashboard to look at the list of blogs that I follow to see who has most recently posted, and what I find is a note from Blogger saying, "You are currently not following any blogs." No list. Actually, I am currently following about thirty blogs, thank you. But I see none listed. If I then leave the page and click on almost anything else, then immediately return to my Dashboard, my list has magically reappeared. It isn't a very big deal. I can do this in a couple of clicks. It's just annoying.

And while I'm at it, let's talk about word verification again. Judy, over at Imagine mentioned it the other day, and I find this annoying too. You leave a comment for someone, and go to publish it, and you are told to copy the word - but there is no word to copy. Blank. Usually, if you click on "Publish" a word will then appear and you can go back and do it, then publish. But not always. Sometimes you have to leave the site, go back to it, and do the whole thing over again. Super annoying.

Well, like the man said, "The more things change, the more they stay the same."

Obviously, I have nothing very earth-shaking to talk about today. Perhaps I should end this now, until such time as I have something a bit more interesting.


Dawn Fine said...

Lol...I know what you mean..I have had some wierd things happen in blogger...for the longest time i wasnt kept signed in..and also my pencil and tools to edit my blog would not show up...It is amazing how these little things can be so annoying!
Your Dr Suess plant is very cool.
and whats with the antlers?
anyway i googled it and found this

Anonymous said...

I get stuff like that with Blogger all the time; have to click away and come back. It is a pain sometimes. The thing that bugs me the most is when I set up a new post and preview it. I like how it looks so I post it, but then it doesn't look anything like the preview. So I still have to go back in and change things. Errrgh!!

Judy said...

That plant is certainly on it's way to somewhere! I have all the same problems with blogger so it must not be just you, Bobbie. They need to fix some of the "kinks".

Daryl said...

The word verifiying thing is a PITA .. one site I used to visit has this annoying number and letters things and every time I entered it it was 'wrong' .. so annoying I stopped visiting/commenting .... cant be bothered wasting time on that .. oh and sometimes if you cant see the stupid letters and hit refresh you can get them to appear but the comment you typed is gone

Nope, I am sorry if you have this on your comment set up I dont leave comments.

Love this funny vine and its needs to as high as it can ... and I sent a link to that fun reindeer car thing to a friend who I know will want them


maryt/theteach said...

Bobbie, agree with you about Word Verification! Antlered cars - the phenomenon has not popped up here in the Northeast... thanks goodness! :)

maryt/theteach said...

Bobbie, I read about the car antlers and I think tying Santa to the grill is a better idea! ha! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool about your plant!


Dianne said...

I've seen some antlers driving around too :)

on one car with antlers there was a sign in the window that said ...

"if I'm speeding it's cause Sarah Palin is chasing me"

I was driving and the traffic was too much so I couldn't get a photo but I did give the driver a thumbs up and got a big wave and smile from him

Anonymous said...

I can't make comments on those blogs either no matter what I try...I'm with you on that one..

Unknown said...

Darned Blogger; always full of ticks! I had that same problem of the word verification not showing up and was exasperated by it as well. It's not doing it anymore.

The Dr. Seuss plant is going to start to sprout Dr. Seuss "things"! Ha!

kenju said...

Thanks for the link, Bobbie. I also have that "not following any blogs" message sometimes. The first time it happened I got really mad (and scared) that I'd lost the list somehow.

On the blogs that don't have any letters in the word verification blocks, they never come up for me. I have discovered, however, that they don't ever show in Firefox. If I am in Internet Explorer - they do. It's a real bother.

Sylvia K said...

And so do I, know what you mean! I have the same silly, annoying blips all too frequently. No big deal, just annoying. Like your Dr. Suess plants.

bobbie said...

Lots of people seem to have the same problems with Blogger, don't they? I think Blogger ought to get on the ball and correct some of these things.
Yes, Deborah, I hate it when the finished post doesn't look like the preview. Especially when text overlaps photos.

Marla said...

I also have spotted some of those cars with antlers growing from them. I bet the car feels stupid!
That is if a car feels stupid.

storyteller said...

Yup ... Blogger has frustrating issues from time to time but considering it's a free platform ... they've made some significant improvements from when I started blogging 14 months ago and it's a heck of a lot more user-friendly than WordPress in many respects. Blogs with Word Verification are frustrating, but the sites that require 'joining' to post any way other than anonymously drive me nuts! The 'antler' fad for cars has reached Southern California, much to my surprise. Methinks your Dr. Seuss plant is 'kewl' ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Elizabeth said...

I wonder why blogger is behaving so badly?
On the whole blogger offers us hours of harmless fun.......then makes us crazy too!
Yes, I have seen the antlers and thought they were rather fun.

Alida Thorpe said...

I get annoyed when I type in the word verification but I can't read the letters so I enter them incorrectly. More typing, more clicks.

As storyteller said, It's free! And pretty good and easy to use too! So, I'm not complaining!

Anonymous said...

Liked your "this and that," Bobbie. What is a "Dr. Suess" plant? Funny antler tale! Visited Dawn's blog... very interesting - especially the nature photography.

I am more than annoyed with "Blogger" ~ not just for the little aggravating things, but for publishing problems... TWICE they've lost my entire posts, photos and all... out in the ether, I guess... no "autosave" or "publishing" - just an error page with NO workaround. GONE!! After these experiences, I'm seriously contemplating moving to a .Mac site, instead. (Maybe when my ship comes in!) Thanks for getting me all fired up! ~ Deb (Deep breath!)

KG said...

I'd be sleeping with one eye open in your house, bobbie - I don't trust that crazy plant!