Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

Celebrate! Plant something! Or clean up the leaves and debris from your garden.

Or, if the weather does not cooperate with you wherever you are, go to Deborah's blog, Notes from the Cloud Messenger. She has a very beautiful post today. I think you will enjoy spending five minutes of your time with her.


kenju said...

Thanks for the link, Bobbie. I enjoyed that video.

Dianne said...

my back is killing me today but I am going to hug a tree! :)

Deborah is always worth a visit

Deborah Godin said...

Thanks Bobbie and others! It's clean-up time around here, too, after the wind and waves carried nameless bits of styrofoam and plastic from the lake onto my lawn. And when I'm done that, I can head down to the Point for the official Nat'l Park clean-up there. It still seems we have many more who toss away than pick up! My dad used to say we should design sidewalk trash receptacles to look like the inside of a car door/window, because people were already so used to throwing stuff out that way. He had a wicked sense of humor!

Unknown said...


I'm launching a new photo meme called Think Green Thursday tonight. Would you like to join in?

Kay said...

Happy Earth Day to you, Bobbie! Thank you for always promoting environmental awareness! I don't have room at our house here in Hawaii to plant a tree but I'll water the ones I have.

bobbie said...

Gina's new meme sounds interesting. I'll have to look into this one! It's raining here today. Maybe I can find something in the archives.