Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Think Green Thursday #1

A new meme! And one with a great theme! Gina said she has no logo as yet, so I took the liberty of creating one from part of her photograph. Of course, I'll change it when and if she decides on one. Meantime, click on this one to go to her site.

I'm not really prepared for this today. But the obvious thing that pops into my head is this:
You may have seen this logo on my sidebar for quite a while now. Click on it and it will take you to the WE link.

To quote from their home page, "2,202,533 people determined to solve the climate crisis and Repower America with 100% clean electricity within 10 years." And they propose to do this mainly with solar power. Already there is a 96 mile wide area of the desert out west covered with solar panels, working away to supply energy.

As for the individual, I have seen many homes built nearby recently, and some older homes as well, adding solar panels on the roof. That makes me happy to see.

And solar is not alone.

There are even some windmills going up. Mills do often run into local problems with zoning laws, but surely, soon the municipalities will catch up to current needs.

This one is at a home up on the bay, where there is no lack of wind. I'm sure this homeowner will be very happy with his/her decision to build a windmill. And contrary to popular belief, as I stood beneath it, and it spun rapidly, I really did not notice any sound. Different types of mills and different locations may alter that, but I don't believe this person's neighbors will have anything to complain about.

Green energy also means many new green jobs becoming available. No one can complain about that in our present economic situation.


Anonymous said...

Very informative post. Thanks!


Unknown said...

WOw. You should be "unprepared" more often! That is a great post!

Thank you for participating and with such a great post, yet!


Amanda Guthrie said...

It would be so nice if the price of solar came down. We are in the process of getting panels for our R.V. but have used them to run our well pump and part of the house for a long time. Many more people would join if they could afford it. Great post!!!

Dianne said...

you did it again!
great information and pretty photos

DeniseinVA said...

Very interesting post and an enjoyable read, thanks. I was in Germany back in January and noticed a lot of solar panels on houses over there. In fact my niece's boyfriend installs them on weekends. Too bad he doesn't live where I do :)

maryt/theteach said...

Bobbie, great post for Think green Thursday! The Sports Center on the East side of NYC is now operated completely by wind power provided by Con Edison! :)

RA said...

What a great post for Think Green Thursday! Thank you for sharing this information. Have a great day :)

MYM said...

Great post!