Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No We Do NOT Agree

No - Most Americans do not agree! I am so tired of that commercial for Oil and Natural Gas! Using such reasonable sounding words and phrases, they protest taxes on their corporations. They keep telling us that WE think it's unfair and that WE want them to develop more and more oil and gas. I honestly believe that most of US instead would like to see more wind and solar and any other forms of green energy sources.

This is another example of the current trend. So-called "news casters" tell us constantly what WE are supposedly asking for, what WE want to hear. No one ever asked me. How about you? Do you want real news and weather in the early morning - or do you want entertainment in the form of Hollywood gossip, or every detail of what the President and his wife and children are wearing and buying and which church they decide to attend?

When it comes to sources of energy, and the fairness or unfairness of taxes, it goes way beyond simple preferences. Now they are trying to use me and you to sway government policy. It's similar to the outrageous lies in the anti-gay and lesbian videos, which try to tell others that WE agree with them, or that "good Christians" agree with them. I have a word to describe that claim - but my mother taught me not to use it in public.

OK. I'll stop my ranting now.


Daryl said...

Rant on! Its good for you ...

Sylvia K said...

Rant on, my friend, I'm with you all the way! I'm inclined to use a lot of words that I was taught not
to use in public particularly where the anti-gay and lesbian issues are concerned. And don't even get me started on the oil and gas issues!

Kay said...

Me, too! I agree with everything you wrote!