Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and/or Passover. We had a lovely weekend.
I stayed home because of a head cold. Didn't want to join the group at Joe's because his little grandson was there, and he didn't need to catch my cold. I know I couldn't have resisted hugging him and holding him. Nor did I go as invited to Lisa's for dinner, for much the same reason, but talked to her on the phone. But Rita and Joe did come over to see me later.

Joe always brings me Easter flowers. This year he brought me a big pot of lavender mums. Beautiful!

Rita and I still exchange Easter baskets, complete with chocolate bunnies. Guess we'll never grow out of that. Daryl told me to take pictures of the baskets, so, just for her, here they are.

The one that Rita gave me, on the right. Besides the obligatory chocolate bunny and M and M's, it included a cute bunny inside that green fabric egg, Peeps, and a cute kitchen timer, which I desperately need, since lately I keep forgetting when I put something on the stove.

And the one that the Bunny brought to Rita, on the left, full of things like small writing tablets, Scotch tape, a paper cutter, a big round cookie, dried apricots, eggs full of jelly beans, and a little stuffed bunny.

And I got a bonus. Rita also gave me a new sweat shirt. I really love it! What do you think?

"Egrets? I've had a few" - Cracks me up.

I also sent a little email to California this morning.

And just because I think it's so pretty, and because she made it
herself, here is an e-card that a friend sent to me a few days ago. Isn't it lovely?

Thank you so much, Debbie.

Well, as I said, I hope that all of you had a very wonderful holiday celebration.


kenju said...

Bobbie, we had a nice, quiet day with our son and his family. I love your new shirt and card!

Carry that timer around with you, Bobbie. We don't want you to burn the house down. said...

how sweet to exchange baskets with someone! I loved seeing the goodies you girls picked out.
I bet Isaac loves your toons too.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Bobbie, Your day was fairly quiet. As you know, we've been out of town, so we did a bit of raking Saturday and yesterday as well. I know it's work, but not really... ;-)

I love your sweatshirt! And your grape hyacinth. I appreciate your visits.

Dianne said...

beautiful post! love the baskets - the shirt is priceless ;)

Daryl said...

Love the baskets .. I see PEEPS and pictures of what might be Ben Franklins folded up .... that's my kinda Easter basket

Hope you are feeling better!

Louise said...

I love that you have someone with whom you exchange Easter baskets... BIG ones! Glad you had a great day, even if it was at home.

Kay said...

I had a lovely Easter with our guests yesterday. Looks like your Easter was super! I love all the Easter baskets with the fun presents!

Sylvia K said...

I'm so glad you had such a marvelous Easter! Love all your goodies particularly the flowers and the baskets! Such a bright colorful spot in our gray day here! Thanks for sharing all the lovely things!!!

Dawn Fine said...

Howdee Bobbie,
I love that Egret shirt! Hope you are feeling better.

Michele said...

I hope you are feeling better... I am glad that you had exchanged some little gifts, that sweatshirt is hilarious!!


nonizamboni said...

Loved your post and all your Easter loot. Peeps are my favorite. . .until I saw the 'egrets' sweatshirt. What fun and I hope you're feeling better today.
Have a good week.

Deborah Godin said...

It was quiet over here, nothing but the hum of the computer! I did get out to some friends for a mental health break Sunday night. Love this post, with all the Easter goodies - nothing beats all those gorgeous spring colors!!

Judy said...

Sorry you had a cold. Hope you are feeling better, Bobbie. All your gifts are so nice. The mums are beautiful. Love the sweatshirt.

Sacred Ruminations said...

Sorry you missed out due to ill health but appreciate the good Easter wishes you left here. I've not done much blog visiting for a while but am hoping to have more time in the future. Hope you're feeling better.
Hugs and blessings,