Thursday, April 2, 2009

World Autism Awareness Day

Today, April 2nd, is World Autism Awareness Day

I think the best thing I can do today is to direct you to These Are the Days, Linda's blog. She and Tom are raising a beautiful little boy, Connor. His progress has been so wonderful!

Please visit them at:

When you see Connor's sweet smile, it will put a smile on your face too.

There are more beautiful children with autism to be seen on Casdok's blog, Faces of Autism. See for yourself. I think too many of us think of people with autism as somehow different. They are just like our children. They need and deserve to be accepted, admired and loved, just like our children.


Casdok said...

Thank you for the mention! And am happy you liked my poems!

Linda Murphy said...

Thank you so much and I am so happy that you have linked both Casdok and me. Thank you for helping bringing attention to the positives in kids with autism.

Deborah Godin said...

Thanks for the links!

Daryl said...

Bobbie, you are the best a helping get blogger attention to good causes!

Sylvia K said...

Thanks, Bobbie, I have posted the Autism button on my blog. Hopefully, if enough us do this we can help raise awareness. Thanks for the other links as well!

bowledover said...

There is a coverage in the papers here about Autism at the moment.
It focuses on a true story about an autistic boy and an event which drew him out,namely a horse which befriended him.
A book is being written called Boy on a Horse.
Awareness day is noted Bobbie.