Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Think Green Thursday #2

This new meme, Think Green Thursday, is hosted by Gina, otherwise known as The Pagan Sphinx. I think she has come up with a really great idea. Thanks, Gina.

There are so many ways to "Go Green" that are so easy. Sometimes we don't even think of them because they are so obvious. For instance, my friend Lisa works in an office at our local municipality. She is able to scan all sorts of documents and email them. Frequently she is still asked to fax these papers. Why would she have to waste paper like that?

I notice that some of the biggest wasters of paper seem to be government offices. They do not recycle, or at least they do not recycle nearly so much as they should. Don't they get it? Of all people, why government offices?

In our every day lives, we can all save so much. I carry canvas bags in my car all the time, and when I shop, I take them into the store with me. It amazes me how many people at the check out counter still try to put a plastic bag inside of my canvas one. "But it might be soiled." Hey! It's washable.

And there's always the little recycling mailer for your ink cartridge, or you can take it into Staples or wherever, and earn $3. credit with it. So easy.

I must say, these are not exactly soul-stirring photos, are they? They are just reminders of how easy it can be.

I really ought to have something really green to add before I stop preaching.
How's this? I have a new hanging basket, and in the background there is a pot of mums.
I have some pansies, and there is a new little azalea plant.

And then there is a fresh batch of mint. Can you smell it?


maryt/theteach said...

Pansies, Petunias, and mint! Lovely bobbie! And we have little GREEN shopping bags from our supermarket. I may post it next week! Happy TGT!

Anonymous said...

When I pay my taxes, I always think of stacks of govenment paper and bombs. I don't like paying for either.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful flower and green photos. Great recycling tips. Now, the heads of those government offices need to read your post. ;-)


pink dogwood said...

I love this post Bobbie - I am also trying to focus on small things.Like I used to pack my lunch and then get plastic fork and spoon from the kitchen at work - now I pack one of my washable silverware with the lunch.

My mint has come back too - I love the smell - time for some mojitos :)

Anonymous said...

I have lots of bags... using plastic is out of control here in Calif. I also recycle all the plastic bags that do end up coming home with us.
I can smell that mint right now can we add a little rosemary?
Thanks Bobbie.
mine is here

Unknown said...

it would take a little while for check out counter clerks to getting rid of plastic bags. you have beautiful flowers.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Lots of variety in this post! Informative and the beauty of living Nature at the end!

Unknown said...

I'm with Steve B. And our environment, our planet, is paying mightily for our misdeeds. Granted, it's the large corporations and agencies and entities that should bear the lion's share of responsibility and we need to keep pressure on them all the time. But you've done a fantastic job of outlining some things we can all do, every day, to protect the planet from further landfill waste. Plastic shopping bags make up a lot of the waste. I used to have a figure for it but I don't recall right now.

Thanks for participating, Bobbie. As always, you rise to the occasion with meaning and beauty. I love the flowers and the mint - I have to get some for my herb garden this year!

Dianne said...

I love the mint plant! so lush and green
and thank you for the wonderful reminder of some of the simple ways that we can help the planet