Thursday, May 27, 2010

For Green Thursday

This is the time of year when I am torn between being optimistic and frustrated. I've planted seeds in my garden - most of them too early because I am always anxious to get started. They are frequently washed away by storms or seedlings are frozen by unexpected weather. Then I have to either start over or give up. Then, by May, I am either replanting, or watching seedlings and feeling that frustration because they aren't blooming yet.

But mostly I'm optimistic. I do see many things starting to grow, and of course I do know they are showing promise.

And there are times when I completely forget I've thrown in some seed, and put in others - like this leaf lettuce growing in this container, along with heaven-knows-what-else. (but the lettuce tastes just fine.)

But I have to admit, I sometimes get too impatient and just have to add a few plants already in bloom. I haven't done that yet this year, except for the hanging basket. I know that this pretty little white flower will soon be dwarfed under the cosmos towering over it.

I guess you would have to say that my gardening these days is rather hap-hazard. I can't do much any more, so I just toss some seeds and say a prayer for good weather and healthy perennials. And my children are kind enough to help out with some digging. But I must have a garden of some kind. I can't imagine not looking forward to flowers and perhaps some vegetables in summer time. It would be a sad world without them, and the butterflies and other insects and birds that they attract.


Linda Murphy said...

Oooh, I think you have more potential with your garden than I do. It's hard to grow out here in the desert and I am forever under or over watering. I am sure extra hands make a difference too!

Love the guitar photo below! Handsome boy!

Rambling Woods said...

I am with you on that looks like you have a great start Bobbie...