Friday, April 11, 2008


Yesterday I set out to find the nature area that Lisa talks about. She has been there several times, looking for the bald eagles' nest. She has told me about seeing many birds there - lots of activity around the distant nest. She has photographed it through her binoculars. She was also scouting it out for me, knowing that I can't do a lot of walking any more. She wanted to know if I could get my rolling walker past the guardrail and onto the trail.

Directions in hand, since it was a warm day and the rain had stopped, I set out on my little adventure. I've driven Route 47 many times, but never before paid much attention to things like counting traffic lights. I was to turn right at the second light, and for some reason expected this to be a short distance. Distances always seem longer when you're looking for landmarks. She hadn't told me that it was way past Goshen. Sixteen miles up the road, I found my tur
n. Then a left and a quick right, and I was on Beaver Dam Road. Went zipping along on the asphalt past several properties, then BAM, I hit the dirt road. Lisa drives an SUV. I have a twelve year old Beretta. I've been on dirt roads before, but this one.... Didn't think to look at the mileage but it was a long winding dirt road with lots of bumps and wicked ruts along the way. Suddenly, I reached the end. As I got out of the car, what I think was an eagle soared overhead briefly. It was the one and only bird I was to see.

I had the walker on the passenger seat. (It doesn't fit in the trunk) but elected to leave it in the car and stick to my cane. Too muddy out there.

It's a pre
tty area. One might expect an abundence of wildlife. That day, nothing was stirring, on land, on water, or in the sky. I was all alone. I scanned the distant trees on the other side of the lake with my little binoculars, remembering Lisa's photos. Did not even spot the eagles' nest. I thought I saw something that might be it, but wasn't sure. That was disappointing. All flora, no fauna. But I had found the place, and did enjoy the brief visit.

On the way home I concentrated more on the scenery along Route 47. First, I saw the giant billboard, much the worse for years of we
ar, proclaiming that God loves me. Then there was the tiny town of Goshen - a handful of houses, a fire hall, and a church. I think the church is within the town limits. I'm not really certain. It's spring, and Route 47 offers many lovely fruit trees in bloom. The Mosquito Commission property has several big, old weeping cherries. I had to stop there for a moment, heavy traffic notwithstanding. My pictures were taken through the windsheild - sorry.

The boatyard still had its many boats shrouded like ghosts. Route 47 can be an interesting drive, with its farms, fields, lakes, some quaint old houses, churchyard cemeteries, and garden centers. I enjoy it.

So now I know the way to Beaver Dam, and know it's negotiable terrain. I just hope that my next visit will include some sightings of eagles - or owls, or beavers - something with feathers or fur.


Dianne said...

the weeping cherry is beautiful.

sounds like a great day even if the critters were playing shy.

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

It sounds like a fantastic day. There are days I walk away without seeing anything and I feel disappointed, but just being out there and exploring is interesting and fun. I love the weeping cherry tree. I have one right outside my window and it's nowhere near as far along as the one in your picture.

Casdok said...

A beautiful day.
Thank you for your kind words. Love is all you need!

KG said...

Bummer that you went all the way there and couldn't find any critters! Maybe you can next time . . . at least you didn't get carried off by the mosquitos, though, right?

me ann my camera said...

I loved reading this post for it reminded me of all the same drives I have taken; no, not to the same places but to ones with different names, but the themes were the same. I often find myself on dirt roads searching for something that flys or moves or flutters in the breeze, and the more spring advances so do I also in my travels enjoying encounters with nature.

Your pictures are lovely.

pink dogwood said...

I loved this post -you write so well. Thanks for sharing beautiful pictures. Good luck with spotting some wildlife next time.

Cliff said...

I'm thinking you were so far out that the bird soaring over head was a vulture waiting for an old Baretta...or blog author....or Democrat.