Monday, April 14, 2008


On Saturday I decided to take my new rolling walker to the nature trail at the Point.

I do understand the reasons for improvements - really I do. But I can't help being nostalgic about the lovely things that used to be. Most of the boardwalk on the nature trail has now been replaced by fiberglass "boards". It just isn't the same. Plus, I
don't know how it would sound on boards, but when I push the walker along the fiberglass, it's pretty noisy. The ducks and the swans don't seem to be phased by it, but I can imagine there are many birds who would take flight pretty quickly, hearing this. And other small critters might be spooked by it too.

There has been a lot of work done in the park since I was last there. Many trees that were dying or damaged have been cleared out. It looks kind of barren. There are many, many tiny new trees planted. That's encouraging. And at least the lighthouse is clearly visible from almost anywhere on the trail now. That's kind of nice.

Some of the old trees are still with us of course. And I do love to see them.

And here and there you could find a little new one, struggling upwards. That makes me very happy.

I enjoyed my walk in the sunshine - as long as it lasted. Even the weeds and usual forest floor debris were pretty. I only had to take advantage of the built-in seat in my walker once for a short rest. But, as had happened all day, the clouds started scuttling across the sun, and I knew I'd better head for the parking lot. I almost made it
before the raindrops started falling.

I rather enjoyed the short walk in the rain, too. I'm not sweet enough to melt, so I didn't mind. And as I reached the end of the trail, I found another nicely framed picture of the light in front of me.

As I was getting into the car, it seemed that everyone visiting the area was rushing to leave. Funny, isn't it, how fearful most people become of just a little rain. I did notice one or two hardy souls (those wearing the typical hat and birder's vest) heading onto the trail. I'm sure they enjoyed it.

When they had cleared out, I followed. The rain stopped again quickly. A little way down Sunset Boulevard I passed what used to be South Cape Meadows, now turned into what the Powers That Be seem to feel is an improved area, and are now charging a fee for us to visit. Once again - I know "improvements" have to be made, but sometimes I just don't see it. Here are two pictures. The first is of the Meadows as I have enjoyed them for many years. I've wandered down this path many times. The second is of exactly the same path, as it is today. Is it really an improvement? I guess it will grow up over the years, but the way things are going, as it grows, it will be mowed.

I got a dirty look from a gentleman behind the fence when I stopped to take the picture.


KG said...

I love old rickety trails just maintained by people walking on them again and again! I say SO much better than synthetic!

kenju said...

Tell your nasty gentleman that I much perfer the old-unimproved trail!!

Unknown said...

The dirty look from the man made me think of something my daughter told me a couple of years ago. She was trying out her new camera on a walk that involved going down the road and into what starts to look like town. She was clicking away at all kinds of odd stuff and took a photo of the price board at a gas station. The attendant came out and told her that she wasn't allowed to take photos because it was against homeland security laws. I could see him telling her it was private properly or something but homeland security? Odd.

I like the old trail much better. It's also a delightful photo.

Ralph said...

That is a great post and love the pictures. I am with you - there is just something about little trees that makes me smile. It might be it is a sign of hope, I don't know.

Lisa said...

I think we finally disagree on one thing... you really ARE TOO SWEET! :)

You would melt! At least I think you would. ;)

But, I do know what you mean by feeling the rain. We've had our fair share lately and I've stood in it wanting to feel it more than I've ever done before... and I kinda sorta know what you feel about the changes. I'm glad to see you're trying to embrace them. It's hard. Your attitude about it is good though.

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

What a wonderful walk! I loved all of your pictures, but I think the one with the water droplets might be my favorite! I want to walk down that trail with the pretty geese on the pathway, too. This looks like a fantastic place.

Shady Gardener said...

A beautiful walk! I also liked the photo of the rain drops in the puddle. The trail "on the left" must bring back fond memories. Thank you.