Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Seems to me that I don't talk much about my daughter, Rita. I think it's because she is here. I see her almost every day.

I don't see the daughter in California very often, so I think about her a lot and about my grandson. I don't see the one in New York very often, either, but she doesn't have a three year old to report on all the time, and anyway, she has always been a more private person who does not share as much information about her life with me. I love her a lot and think of her a lot, but do not have so much to chat about with you concerning Ruth.

But, back to Rita. From the very beginning, she was crazy about horses. No, I won't give you a whole biography. But she was so darned cute, I have to show you at least one picture of her when she was little.

She's still "little" But only in physical size. She has become a strong woman, able to stand up and fight for her beliefs and ideals.

This was Rita with her grandmother in 1973, visiting North Cape May from New York. Sorry it doesn't show the long braids. They were below her waist.

Here she is a few years later, I would guess 1979, on the beach in Cape May. The hair was shorter then.

Rita is one of the most selfless and generous people I know. She is always ready and willing to do anything I ask. The list of charities she helps support is a long one. Most recently, I drove her up to C.A.R.A. with shopping bags full of food to be distributed for Thanksgiving. She always manages to give a couple of frozen turkeys. When she made her decision to buy the house, I th
ink one of her most serious problems to consider was whether she would still be able to contribute as much to charity as she would like.

This is Aunt Rita with Isaac a couple of years ago.(What happened to all that hair?)

At Christmas time, Rita is in her glory. She gets to give gifts to everyone - even to everyone's pets. She is definitely Mrs. Santa Claus. It is not that she has all that much money. It's just that she would rather share with others. And she is just as willing to share her time and effort, whether it's typing letters for Amnesty International, or baking and helping out with church activities.

Do I sound like a proud mama? Guess so. I am. Rita is a nice person to know, and I'm glad she's my daughter. Her dad would be very proud of her too.


pink dogwood said...

When she made her decision to buy the house, I think one of her most serious problems to consider was whether she would still be able to contribute as much to charity as she would like.

Not many people will think of that.She sounds like a great person :)

Bear Naked said...

Congratulations on raising a kind and generous daughter and also thank you for the reminder.
I forgot that I have to purchase Christmas gifts for our granddog and grandcat.

Bear((( )))

Anonymous said...

When they say "The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree" they susally mean it in a negative way, but it sounds like it's true here too, in the opposite, "good" way!!

Sylvia K said...

She does indeed sound like a wonderful person! And I know how proud you are of her. I have two daughters and two sons and they are about as different as any four people could possibly be and I sometimes wonder how the same two people could have produced such a variety! They are all wonderful -- just very different.

Ralph said...

You should be proud. Sharing time and effort is much more meaningful than just being able to write a check.

kenju said...

A nice post about your daughter! She sounds like a nice chip off the old block.

me ann my camera said...

A giving heart creates a most generous and loving person and they are most wonderful people. Their reward is spiritual I think.

Daryl said...

She is as special as her mother .. and that is saying something!


Webradio said...

You daughter is a nice Lady...

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hello! Rita is a good daughter with a heart of gold. You did good. Lisa

KG said...

She really sounds fantastic, bobbie. Well done, mama!