Thursday, November 27, 2008


I hope that all of my readers have a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving Day with family and friends surrounding them. I hope that you all pause at some time during your day to pray for Peace in the world. There are so many places in our world today where there is no peace, the latest being Mumbai, India, as we learned last night. The Family of Man is suffering, from repression, from violence, from hunger, and from cold. Let us do whatever we ca
n to alleviate that suffering. At the very least, let us pray.


Last night I emailed a fellow blogger who lives in Mumbai. This morning I found his reply to my email. It read as follows:

"Dear Barbara,
Thanks for your mail. I'm doing fine.
All the places attacked are the ones I frequent regularly.
The city is yet to stabilize this morning. Encounters between the terrorists and the law enforcement agencies is still on, disrupting rail services, and contributing to the panic across the city.
Thanks for the prayers, people will be needing all the moral support they can get. Over 100 people lost their lives in the co-ordinated attacks by the terrorists, and hundreds more injured.
Situation till uncertain.

When everything is said and done, there is still some doing to do."

Let's all continue to pray for the people of Mumbai, and to remember what we have in our country.

Freedom from Want

Freedom from Fear

Freedom of Speech

Freedom to Worship

Photos of Norman Rockwell paintings courtesy of Normal Rockwell Museum of Vermont


Sylvia K said...

Thanks as always for your lovely and caring thoughts for this sad world of ours and for each of us. I wish all good things for you as I know this has been a difficult month, with said memories. Have a good day!

kenju said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Bobbie. I will pray for Mumbai and for Anil.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bobbie, a wonderful post for the season of thanks, one that is made somber and yet even more thankful in light of the suffering of our fellows in Mumbai.

Anil P said...

Thank you for the support and the prayers. It means a lot to know there's pain (and bewilderment) one can share with another irrespective of the geographical features that separate the two. I cannot even begin telling you how much comfort it brings, the empathy of fellow human beings. Thank you, Barbara. Thank you, Kenju, and Deborah.

Having lived in the city for long and knowing its psyche from the countless hours on foot I can say one thing, Mumbai will bounce back.

Having said that I know one other thing as well, it's a hole it will live with, forever, such has been the carnage.

Casdok said...

Pray is the very least we can do.
Happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

Bear Naked said...

My prayers to all who have been affected by this act of terrorism.

Bear((( )))

storyteller said...

Amen ... May peace come to this region and to our world soon. Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours too.
Hugs and blessings,

Jim said...

Hi Bobbie, Happy Thanksgiving!

It is atrocious what those people (wherever they are) do and that they are brainwashed to believe it is right.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

This was a very well done post. Thanks! I added the translation widget from your blog. I started garden blogging not really knowing who I was addressing, whether it was me or others. I added a Christian blog, and have realized with any kind of blogging, a person gets to know some well, and more as acquaintances, just like they do with people in the flesh.

The big difference, is that we have the opportunity to get to know people who live very far away from us. I know we all have differences in what we believe and value, but that doesn't mean we can't be peaceful. My own husband and I have opposing beliefs.

Now that I wrote all that, I may copy and paste some of it to put in a blog post.


Kay said...

Thank you for focusing everyone's attention to writing to people in Mumbai. It's such a scary, terrible time for them.
Even with the bad economy, we have much to be thankful for.