Friday, December 19, 2008

Thematic Photographic #29

This week Carmi, at Written Inc. decreed that the theme for the week should be Quiet. What a wonderful theme. Quiet. Peace. So many pictures floated through my mind.

I decided on these three.


Snow fence


If you would like to join this interesting meme, go visit Carmi and learn the simple rules.

Meantime, I wish every reader a holiday and a new year filled with Peace


Dianne said...

each photo says 'quiet' in a beautiful way!!

Pamela said...

I felt it... the peace and quiet.
lovely choices.

G. Harrison said...

hi bobbie,

i enjoyed your comment [back at It Strikes] about the Victory Garden you tended as a young girl.

I think the bit of additional history I've learned since will inspire me to get my hands dirty next spring.


Gord H.

Kelly said...

Bobbie, you did a beautiful job capturing "quiet" in each of these photos! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Seasons greetings to you and yours Bobbie, may all your wishes come true. from bowledover.
Sorry I am having IT problems just now.
The quietness of these pictures is wonderful.Lovely capture. Thanks for your visit and comment.

Kostas said...

Marvellous blog with splendidly posts comments full information and very beautiful photographs!
Congratulations and Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I came by to see your Sky Watch Friday Sky, but have to tell you I love all your skies!
Beautifully captured, very inspiring.

Happy Holidays to you too...whichever you celebrate.
bella :)

Sylvia K said...

Really, truly beautiful! and I agree with the others, quiet, peaceful and lovely! Thanks as always for sharing the beauty!

The Cunning Runt said...

These photographs are each a gorgeous incarnation of quiet.

I'm very, very impressed!

Pam said...

great choices for this week's theme :)

i'm up @

Hey Harriet said...

That is a wonderful theme and you've captured the quietness so beautifully with these photos. I enjoy the sweet serenity of them.

Peace to you :)

Kathie Brown said...

That beach fence scene is an invitation to tranquility bobbie! What an excellent shot!