Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Family Visit

Hello again.

Kitty Mike and Isaac have winged their way back to California. Ruth has driven back to New York. She left on Sunday evening, heading into fog that thickened as she headed up the Parkway, turning into rain, and then hail with thunder and lightning as she reached New York.

But before she left, we did manage to get in a little nerf baseball.

The house is empty once again. I do enjoy the quiet, but miss the happy confusion and overflow of people in the little rooms.

Do you know what your computer tower looks like on the inside? It looks something like this. Mike investigated mine, vacuumed it out (It was pretty dusty in there), and found that one of the fans wasn't working. He did some more mysterious things to it, and it is now working faster and better than before.

He also spent some time helping Isaac to build towers around the castle. The castle once belonged to his mother when she was about Isaac's age. It is the big attraction at Grandmom's house. Everybody gets a chance to play with Isaac and the castle. It has hiding places and a trap door. And lately we seem to find all kinds of things in it like automobiles and air planes and dinosaurs.

Isaac kept us entertained, as he always does, with his wonderful imagination. He told us stories of his activities and accomplishments and his friends. Here he is describing to his mother and Lisa how he saw a truck get stuck on a sand hill and had to be pulled out.

We had some rain while they were here,but the temperature was warm, and we did get sunny days too. We started a new garden. Isaac planted some wild flower seeds (perhaps a bit prematurely) The next day, unbeknownst to those of us who might have stopped him - or not - he decided to dig a hole. He kept digging until he could sit in it up to his neck, watching the worms trying to crawl back down. When they would near the bottom of the dirt pile, he would lift them back to the top.

We went to Uncle Joe's house on Sunday. Isaac got the grand tour of Joe's workshop - a wonderful place full of pieces of wood, and big saws and other equipment.

The three of them took a trip to the zoo on Monday. It was cold and very windy, so Grandmom stayed home. They spent a good bit of time in the aviary and in the reptile house, where it was warm.

On Tuesday, temps were up again and we went to the beach (to dig some more).
Isaac found an oyster shell for me. And then they were off to the airport. I do miss them already. I know I take too many pictures while they're here, but that's what I have and enjoy when they go back home.

Mike took this one before they left.


kenju said...

Love the photos, Bobbie, especially the last one of you and Isaac!

I love quiet also, but when all the children/grandchildren have been here and go home, I really miss them!

Deborah Godin said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time indeed. That computer one looks a little scary, but you're lucky to have someone in-the-know to check it out for you! Love the pic of the two of you - so sweet!

Daryl said...

Oh Grandma what a happy face you have .. and so does your handsome and clever grandson .. I adore the photo of him in the hole .. that's one I would frame right alongside the one of the two of you ... said...

Isaac is quite industrious digging a whole just his size. He really dug it perfectly just large enough for him to fit inside!
Your picture sitting with him is lovely Bobbie.

Dawn Fine said...

What a fun time it must have been!
I too love the last photo of you with Isaac

Kathie Brown said...

Oh Bobbie, what fun you had! My grandson was here for 2 days also. He has just learned to walk and so he kept me busy! I love the story and photo about Isaac in the dirt hole!

Kay said...

I love that photo of you and Isaac, too. You are glowing and Isaac looks adorable and totally happy! What a glorious photo! I'm just like you. I take a million photos of my granddaughter when she's here visiting.