Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Hummers Are Coming!

Yes! Hummingbirds are on their way! There have been sightings in New Jersey, and even as far as New England. We're told to hang out the feeders now, because not too many flowers are in bloom, and they will need the nectar. I hung mine this morning. It's a new one that my son and his wife gave me for Christmas. I'll hang the other two later on, when I know they are really here. Don't forget to change the nectar every few days.

I have resolved my Blogger problems, for now, thank heaven. No doubt others will appear shortly. They seem to come with frequency.

Are you familiar with Deborah's blog? You should be - it's wonderful. Yesterday she gave us a link to a live cam on an eagle's nest. Actually, it gives you several nests to watch in case one is just sitting doing nothing, so you can go on to others to watch them doing some "housekeeping", so click on "Other Cameras".

So we may be able, eventually, to watch some eagle eggs hatching. In the past I have watched eagle cams, but had a lot of difficulty. Sometimes the video would black out. This one seems to be trouble-free, so far. Remember, east coast people, these nests are in Canada and out west. A three hour time difference.

Here's another one. My cousin sent me a link to a live cam. A pair of red-tailed hawks have built a nest on a building ledge at the Franklin Institute. The employees there reinforced it with a board underneath, and set up cameras.

I guess this spring we will be able to eavesdrop on lots of bird families.
By the way - if you aren't aware of it - eagles can make one helluva noise when they want to, so don't tune in if the baby is sleeping.

The photo of the red-tailed hawk courtesy of 10,000 birds.


Deborah Godin said...

Thanks Bobbie for mentioning the eagle link and especially for the one to the hawks!! I've never had much luck with live cams either, but these seem good. Can't wait for the babies!!

Daryl said...

Neat .. I have somewhere a link to a horse farm where you can watch a mare give birth .. its pretty amazing. I am going to bookmark this one ..