Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Nests

I am still finding our feathered friends very entertaining. Don't forget, you have access to four nests: The red tailed hawk at Franklin Institute, and eagles in Canada up at Hornby Island, in Sidney, and the third is listed as Delta OWL. I don't know what that means, but that nest contains two eggs, and I don't really believe they are viable. They are left alone by the parents most of the time.

The eagles' nest in Hornby Island also contains two eggs, but the parents are tending them constantly, and it shouldn't be too much longer before they hatch. It's a beautifully constructed nest and on a beautiful site. I have taken a few photos off the screen, which is never a good clear picture, especially with my little camera, but I believe I have a couple of decent shots. Look at that sunlight streaming down this morning! I like the other one too - the close-up shot of the Mama, just waiting patiently on the eggs.

Different cameras focused on the nests give different perspectives.

The nest in Sidney has a lot more action going of course, since there are three chicks to be fed. This picture isn't as clear, but I think you can get a look at a baby.

The hawks nest is fun too, because of the three chicks there. They are a little younger than the eaglets. There is only one camera trained on it, since it is built on a ledge of a building rather than in a tree.

The hawks' nest is in the EDT zone. The eagles are on Pacific time. Just click on the pictures at the top of my sidebar to reach them.


Deborah Godin said...

I was worried about the baby hawks, because I didn't see much movement from one of the chicks, but they all look better now. I'm really getting excited about the Hornby eggs too!!

Sylvia K said...

So fabulous to be able to actually see in the nest! and the little ones are so precious! Thanks so much for sharing all of these, Bobbie! Have a great weekend!

Tootie said...

Really neat! I've watched baby egrets here, grow up to fly from their nest and I loved it. Thanks for sharing these.

storyteller said...

Wow ... I'm glad I clicked on down to this post ... this is kewl ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Unknown said...

Oh, these efforts really do pay off. You've inspired me to go look up what's happening with our local eagles.