Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Some People Haven't Forgotten How to Be Nice - Even on April Fools' Day

Congratulations, Lisa!

I hope she blogs about it herself. Today she got an email from the Township Manager, letting her know that someone she had dealt with at the office took the time and trouble to write to the Manager about her. She wanted her boss to know what a nice, polite, helpful person Lisa is in dealing with the public.

The Manager replied to this woman, letting her know that she is very much aware of what a good employee Lisa is, and then she forwarded the letter to Lisa.

Seems to me that the member of the public, the Manager, and Lisa are ALL pretty darned nice people! I worked there for eighteen years. During that time a few people did write me thank you's, and it made me feel like I was on top of the world. But no one ever wrote to the Manager or the Mayor about me. Or even to the Department Head.

And just in time for her birthday, too!!!


kenju said...

If I were Lisa, I'd frame that letter and hang it proudly!! Way to go! and happy birthday.

Kathie Brown said...

bobbie, how wonderful! Happy Birthday Lisa! The cosmos is smiling on you!

KG said...

That really IS nice!

My favorite April Fool's tradition by far is the NPR fake news story. LOVE it.

Kay said...

I just saw that on Lisa's blog. I'm very happy for her. You are a good friend to be so happy for her!